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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Orange You Glad?

If you are a Padres fan who grew up in the 90s, you are probably conflicted like I am when it comes to team colors.  I was too young to remember any experiences with the brown uniforms of the late 80s/early 90s, but became a "real" fan just when they made the transition to the blue and orange.  My fandom should be apparent, due to the color scheme of this here blog.

Still, I am a big proponent of the "bring back the brown" movement.  I have faith that it will eventually be brought back as a full time color, though it may not be as soon as I like.  The jury is still out, though it's too late to change anything for next year.

As much as I love the brown, though, that little bit of orange in the uniform always pleased me.

Orange is my favorite color, and has been for a long time.  I think it might've started off with thinking that Michelangelo was the coolest Ninja Turtle, but I could be wrong.

Whatever the reason, I always love seeing a Padres card with an orange border.  Even though it's no longer part of the color scheme, if I squint just right, I can imagine that it is.

This particular orange bordered card was sent to me by my good buddy Jimmy over at S. Mack Talk blog (he's a big Shane Mack fan).  Though he doesn't post frequently, when he saw that I was working on a page of Andrew Cashner cards, he emailed me and offered to help.  Even kinder than that, he mentioned that he enjoyed reading my blog and makes a point to do so regularly.  Don't get me wrong, as a collector, I always appreciate people sending cardboard my way, but as a writer (even a lowly amateur blogger), it's always awesome to hear that people like what you do.

Blogging about baseball cards seems about as small a niche as there can possibly be, but the community is pretty great.  

Fortunately for me, he didn't send that orange Cashner card my way all by itself, he also checked another card off my want list...

If you had told me as a kid that they would never stop making Tony Gwynn cards, I would never have believed you.  Unless he had been cloned or something, and he had just began to play forever.  The dude was a hitting machine, after all.

Getting back into card collecting a few years ago, the amount of new Gwynn's on a regular basis struck me as rather unnecessary.  I mean, I was glad to have more Padres cards, but hey, how about some current players, huh?

However, since his passing (combined with the pretty lackluster roster of position players), I've adopted an extremely pro-anything Tony Gwynn stance.  Like the color orange or the 1971 Topps design, I will never tire of it.

If you're wondering when Topps thinks that Tony Gwynn "broke out", it was at the beginning of the 1984 season.  Makes sense, he helped lead the Padres to their first World Series berth that year.  Not sure if the donut reference is a fat joke, but the Tony on the front looks pretty trim, so I'll let it slide.  However, for a card that is supposedly all about Gwynn's "moment" in 1984, I'm not sure why we're treated to a picture of him from the late 80s.

But don't worry.  I'm not complaining.  How could I?

So much orange.


  1. I use blue and orange in my posts to honor the Padres... but I'm definitely down with the yellow and brown.

  2. I would like to see the Padres go back to brown and gold, but I'd be happy if they did anything to liven up their uniforms... Probably the easiest way to do that is to bring back orange as an accent color. The Padres and Rays have very similar and very uninteresting uniforms, both could stand to spice things up a bit.