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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Infield Fly Cards

As mentioned in yesterday's post, I received three trade packages from new trading partners last week.  Here is the second package, from Adam over at Infield Fly Rule.  It looks like he's been blogging since the beginning of the year, but has only recently been making trades in the blogosphere.

It was actually reading his first trade post that I wrote and said "FIRST?  Let's keep that ball rolling."

Or something like that.  What I actually wrote was probably less annoying, since he sent me a ton of cards.  I am pretty low on Rockies, which is the team he follows and collects, so I had to be creative with what I sent back.  Hopefully he like it, or at the very least, he can use it for the trades that he continues to make.

But enough of that, here's what he sent to me.  That's what you're here for, right?

One of my favorite cards from this package was one that Adam was the most curious about.  In the note he sent, he asked (again, paraphrasing), "Why Bruce Ruffin?"

As you may have noticed, on my "Want List" link, I have a list of players I collect, and while he's far from a "top tier" guy, I like to get Ruffin cards from his Rockies days.  I think I almost have enough for a whole page, which is really all that I'm looking for.

The reason that I want Bruce Ruffin cards as a Rockie is because he was the pitcher that gave up Tony Gwynn's 2,000th hit - a game that I was at and happened to coincide with my ninth birthday.

While I have a few Nolan Ryan cards (who gave up Tony's 1,000th hit), I'm kind of interested in getting a few Gabe White cards - another Rockies pitcher, one who gave up Tony's 3,141st hit, the last in his career.  The pitcher who gave up Tony's last home run is actually still in the majors - Joe Beimel, who was a rookie with the Pirates and is now with the Mariners.

Speaking of Mr. Padre, here are a few that were needed in my Gwynn binder.  I coulda sworn that I already had that Pinnacle card, but upon further review, it was needed.  For a few years, Pinnacle and Ultra were neck and neck as my favorite card brands, but I think Pinnacle probably edged it out in the end.  I think I have four cards from the '96 Ultra set, so it had that going for it.

Oh yeah, are the playoffs going on right now?  I'm rooting for the Royals (hey, I jumped on the bandwagon at the beginning of the postseason, way before you guys who are doing it now!), but I'll be happy with any team from the AL winning it.  Cardinals and Giants?  Thanks but no thanks.  While I'd probably rather not see a NL West team, the Cardinals have always destroyed the Padres in the postseason.  Every year the Padres make the playoffs, they either lose to the Cardinals or win the pennant.  Why am I saying this again?  Oh, Andy Benes played for the Cardinals for a little bit.  Needless to say, I preferred it when he was a Friar.

Steve Finley played for a bunch of teams, including every team in the NL West.  EVERY TEAM.  Think about that for a second.  Can you imagine somebody playing for the Red Sox and the Yankees? And then turn around and play for the Orioles, Blue Jays, and Rays?  Me neither.  But Steve Finley started off his career in Baltimore and then headed west, stopping in Houston before going to San Diego, Arizona, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Colorado.  Oh, and he was an Angel somewhere in there as well.

I mentioned in my last post that Darin Erstad isn't very photogenic.  Maybe it's hard to look good while you're chugging it down to first base, but at least the card on the far right shows a pretty good follow through.

Alright, after my feelings shone through about the NLCS, I guess I'll mention that the ALCS teams are pretty good in my book.  There are quite a few Orioles that I'm a fan of, though more of the former variety (Cal Ripken and Jim Palmer, though Adam Jones is good in my book as well).  Jeremy Guthrie is a former Oriole who is now in Kansas City.  He's their #4 starting pitcher, and with the way KC is not losing and the number of days off in the playoffs, he may never see action.  But at one point, he led the Orioles with a 3.63 ERA.

BENITO!!!  Eyes closed!!!

Here are four non-Padres that also rule.  Early 90's Leaf had some boring designs, but that Goose Gossage shot is great.  Being a Padre fan for my whole life, my love affair with the 2005 White Sox was pretty intense.  Living in Chicago for two years had a lot to do with it, but I can see a less-intense love forming with this year's Royals.  Seriously, please win this thing.  Do it for Bip.

Here's a couple of pages of Padres that made it into the Miscellaneous Padres binder.  When all of my miscellaneous Padres (ones that don't fit into player collections or team sets that I want to finish) used to fit into one binder, it was my favorite binder, hands down.  Now it's grown to two binders and really needs a third, both are filled to the brim.

Mark Davis won a Cy Young Award!  That's a big deal.  I'm kind of surprised that I haven't made '94 Topps Stadium Club an addition to the Team Set binder - I love that set.  Trevor Hoffman seems like a guy that should be in a player collection, but I don't know, I guess I'm not a fan of his later cards.  Can't get enough of the 90s goodness, but not a fan of the 00s, though that's not his fault.  He has an even 100 cards in the MP binder, easily the most of any player.

I coulda sworn that I already had that Bip.  '91 Donruss, really?  I love Jake Peavy cards from his rookie year, when the Padres still had the orange and white "SD" on the hat.  This is my first Keith Moreland card as a Padre, which is cool, since I listen to him when he calls games for the Texas Longhorns baseball team.  The Klesko card is probably the most visually interesting of the bunch (though the Reed post-double play shot looks cool too), and I love me some X Nady.

Adam had a pretty good eye for Padre cameos as well - as did the photographers for Upper Deck in 1990.  Not surprising, seeing as how Upper Deck was founded in Carlsbad, just a bit north of San Diego.  All the Padres on the base paths are wearing home whites, so I'm guessing that UD got a lot of work down when teams came to play at Jack Murphy.

Seeing as how Adam is a big Rockies fan, this was kind of cool for him to send (though I'm assuming it was a double, since I gotta think most Rockies fans really love Todd Helton.  Cool shot of the Padres home dugout.

Thanks again Adam!  Really fun box of cards to dig through!  There were obviously a bunch of dupes, but I've been passing them out to my first graders on Friday and they've loved them.  I was running low last week, but that shouldn't be a problem now.

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  1. Believe it or not, Kelly Johnson has played for every team in the AL East, including 3 this season! He played for Toronto in 2011 and 2012, Tampa Bay in 2013, and the Yankees, Boston, and now Baltimore all this season. Pretty wild.

    I would like to find some Finley cards from his days in Baltimore.