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Thursday, October 2, 2014

God Bless Ya, Paulie

So I took a few days off posting because… well, a few things.

One, the horrible Padres season finally pulled into the station.  The wheels had fallen off long ago and it looked very much like a train wreck, but at least the ride is over.  There's always next year…

Secondly, the combination of extra work for school that I've been doing and trying to make sure I'm not totally neglecting my family.  The kids are pretty freaking cute right now, and it makes me sad to think that soon they'll be getting older and older and love me less and less.


here's some cards.

At the close of game 162 of the season, I realized that I needed to find a new "current favorite player who had never played for the Padres".  This was because the great Paul Konerko had taken a bow.  Not a prolonged, season long farewell like Derek Jeter, but one that was fitting of the quiet leader that he was.

Hey, he was a captain too.

Paulie has been a favorite of mine since I got back from my two year mission for my church.  I served on the south side of Chicago, which was White Sox territory.  I was primarily in the barrios, speaking Spanish, and while most all of them were primarily soccer fans, there were a few baseball fans there as well.

While baseball was far from the main focus while I was there, I had the chance to go to a few Sox games, and when I got back to San Diego, I found out that they were in the playoffs!  Paul was the MVP of the ALCS and helped lead them to a World Series sweep of the Astros.

This is one of my all time favorite cards.  It was given to me a few years before I got back into collecting by my brother Sam.  We were at the All Star Fanfest in Anaheim and we passed a card booth.  I was more interested in the other stuff going on, but he remembered that I loved Paulie (he was more of a Jermaine Dye fan), and he picked it up for me.  When I got back into collecting a few years later, I dug up this one and made sure to keep it safe.

When I first started the blog, Konerko was one of my big player collection guys.  I've since dropped him off the list, just because there's too much to collect, and really, how many non-Padre cards do I really need?  Still, I've kept a few, and have added most of his 2011-present cards.  Here's a page of the noteworthy ones.

Of the very few Dodger cards in my collection, PK is two of them.  The first one I got as a kid - found when my mom shipped a bunch of cards to me a few years ago - and the second I received in a blog trade, and kept because he's wearing his catcher's gear.  Looks cool.  I love the sepia toned one on the bottom right, which is also serial numbered, and the rest have mentions of Paul's 2005 postseason heroics on the back (or the front).  I especially love the World Series Champion patch on the Goudey card on the top right.

Well, it was great rooting for you, Mr. Konerko.  While his last season wasn't on par with his previous ones, he will definitely be missed by Sox fans - even the bandwagon fans like me.

So, who's my next "current favorite player who has never been on the Padres", you ask?

Tough call.  Hunter Pence is a guy I like to watch play (despite the fact that he's currently a Giant).  Jeremy Guthrie is far from an All-Star, but he's a way nice guy (good follow on Twitter), and is a Mormon like me who also served a two year mission (Barcelona, Spain).  Adam Jones is an exciting player who has San Diego roots and wrote "TG19" on his hat during the All-Star game.

I mean, I could go with Trout or Harper, but that just seems to easy.  I'm open to any/all suggestions. 

Sorry guys, no Dodgers please.

I have to have some standards.


  1. Although you might already be collecting him, how about Anthony Rizzo? I mean he's also a first baseman for a Chicago based baseball team and he's the reason why the Padres have Andrew Cashner.

    1. I can never collect Rizzo, since EVERY TIME the Padres play the Cubs, "the trade" is analyzed over and over again. And, if the Padre fan in me is being honest, the Padres would be better off with Rizzo instead of Cashner, as much as I love him. Good pitching isn't too hard to come across at Petco National Park, but good hitting? Much tougher.

  2. Replies
    1. I actually have a few Suzuki cards - love that he's a catcher, and we both went to Cal State Fullerton at the same time (though I had no idea who he was, and I was only there for a year). Good choice.

    2. If you decide to collect him, let me know. I have plenty of doubles to send you.

  3. Replies
    1. My brother actually texted me the same idea as well. If we could only get him and Alexi on the same team...

  4. I've never been a Hunter Pence fan. Not sure why though. I also follow Guthrie on Twitter and I'm also LDS. Adam Jones gave my friend and I his batting gloves years ago during Spring Training when he was with the Mariners, so I've been a fan of his for a long time! You could stick with a White Sox player and go with Adam Eaton. I really liked him when he was with the D-Backs.