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Friday, October 3, 2014

Freaky Card Friday

There are some card sets that, while I might not be anxiously awaiting, I am at least aware of when they are going to be released.  Topps flagship (well, Series 1, at least).  Heritage.  Allen & Ginter.

Bowman Chrome is not on that list.

Fortunately, when I logged into eBay last week, I was greeted by a "recommended for me" listing that was actually pretty spot on: a card of a (sort of soon-to-be) player on the team I root for that I didn't already have.

To say that I hadn't seen anything like it would be an understatement.

Apparently, this is a "Fire Die Cut" card.  There is no fancy photoshop going on here, this card is designed to look like it was so hot that it began to wither, as if consumed by the heat of the player on the front.

Not the worst concept ever by Topps (I have actually set some Dodger cards on fire, and while they didn't look as good as this one, it was still pretty fun).  While I can't say that I'd want a whole binder full of these misshapen shiny things, having one seemed like a pretty good idea.  Seeing it in hand, it still seems like a good idea.

I don't believe that I've seen any of these in the blogosphere, so maybe this is the first time some of you have seen one of these.  While I'm not big on die-cuts, these ones don't seem too bad.

While I don't really know that I want to make "Freaky Card Friday" an actual blog thing, I think it can be a thing for an actual post.


  1. Pretty weird! I saw one pulled from a group break but haven't seen one in person yet.

  2. Never seen one of these! What a wild idea for an insert.

  3. Definitely Freaky... in a good way. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love 'em...unfortunately, there are no Rangers in the set.

  5. Proof that there's still some creativity left in the era of Topps monopoly!

  6. Put me down as another collector who really likes the looks of them. Now if I could only score a Javy Baez or Kris Bryant without breaking the bank.