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Monday, October 20, 2014


So yesterday, I posted my findings from my first foray into 2014 Topps Update.  However, a few days before finding it, I went to the Target near me and, after not seeing any Update, settled for a rack pack of Donruss Series Two.  While I'm not really a big fan of this year's Donruss design, the inserts look pretty cool.

I have a page worth of Padres Diamond Kings from the 80s/90s, with a Chase Headley from this year's set included.  I guess Jedd Gyorko was included in the Diamond Kings set for Series 2, but I didn't get that one.  I got somebody named Manny Machado.  Meh.

Let's take a look at a base card.  This one is salvageable because a) star power, b) even though it's photoshopped, it's obvious that this is the White Sox retro uniform, and c) RATED ROOKIE!!!

Even with a less than stellar design, there are still some cards that are at least worth looking at.

Inserts, huh?  Let's look at a few more.  "The Rookies" actually look pretty good in my opinion, even though they're closer to an actual 80s Donruss card than anything else you'll find.  While I'm not much of a fan of late 80s Donruss, I like seeing modern players in the design.  I like the idea with the Studio cards, especially with a brand like Panini who doesn't have a license.  I think I've seen a few other cards like this that I liked, but this one of Joey Bats doesn't move the needle too much for me.

As is usually the case, the big hit of the rack pack for me was a Padre.  But not just any Padre - my favorite current Padre.  While it wasn't anything fancy (just the base card), it turned out that it was very needed.  I already had all of the parallels (well, at least the ones that I'm aware of), but all I was lacking was the lousy base card.

Here are the aforementioned parallels.  The two on top are the gold and silver Press Proofs.  On the bottom are the Season and Career Stat Lines.  A 3.55 career ERA isn't anything spectacular, but after a pretty good season in 2014, that's been lowered to a 3.25 (3.06 overall as a Padre, after beginning his career as a Cub).  His WHIP in 2013 of 1.131 was also bested in 2014, down to 1.127.  I don't know enough about WHIP to know if that's substantial or not.

Overall, Donruss is more miss than hit with me.  I really liked last year's Pinnacle set and wanted to see how they'd change it this year, but it looks like it was not to be.  Still, I like to show Panini a little love in hopes that they keep on working to pick away at the Topps monopoly.


  1. Nice Cashners. I had that base card set aside for you, but was waiting to gather a few more cards you might need before burning a stamp on it.

  2. Manny Machado is engaged to Yonder Alonso's sister.