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Friday, October 24, 2014

Best Wishes - Bill McCool

One of my saved eBay searches is "Padres auto".  I'm not sure that I've ever breached the $5 threshold (including shipping) for an autographed card, but if I have, it's been a pretty rare occasion.

I'm not much for "in person" autographs (unless I was the one who obtained the auto).  I guess I just prefer the certified variety, although I suppose I'm not a big autograph collector to begin with.

However, when I saw this one for a few bucks I knew I had to get it.

"Best Wishes, Bill McCool"

Alright, while baseball has had some great names, I'd have to say that Bill McCool probably has one of the all time greats in Padre history.  I mean, I like to say Yangervis Solarte as much as the next guy, but "McCool"?  That's awesome.

Anyways, I'll go ahead and dedicate this card to Jeremy Guthrie and the Kansas City Royals.  The years in which I've been able to really root for a team in the World Series have been very few.  I chose them as my team to root for at the beginning of the playoffs, even though I didn't think anyone was getting past the Angels in the AL.

I mean, I'd probably be rooting for them even if I didn't like them, because I don't want the Giants to win.  I identify myself as a "National League guy", mostly because I don't like the designated hitter, but I've been a fan of the Padres so long that I've found reasons to hate almost every NL team.  Not hard to do that with a division rival, either.

So win tonight Kansas City!  Bill McCool wishes you nothing but the best!

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