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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Royal GWYNNsday

Man!  If you missed the first Wild Card game of the playoffs, you certainly missed a heck of a game!

(Oh, I missed it, I don't have cable and my MLB subscription is apparently only good for the regular season, so I kept up with the game via Twitter and GameDay.  Still an exciting game!)

Congrats to the Royals fans for a playoff win that was long overdue.  As far as AL teams go, I like the A's as well, but I've got zero problems with Kansas City advancing.

To honor the great Royals team last night, here is the only Gwynn card that I have of him in a Royals uniform…

Oh, sorry, when I said "him", I didn't mean Tony Gwynn, I meant his brother, Chris.  Chris spent time as a Royal sandwiched between two stops in Los Angeles.  He actually hit .296 in KC over two seasons, though he played in less than 140 games over that span.  He spent a final season in San Diego, reunited with his older brother Tony.

He was the hero of his last major league game - game 162 of the 1996 season.  With a scoreless tie in the 11th, Chris notched a two RBI base hit to put the Padres in the lead over his former team, the Dodgers.  Trevor Hoffman would come in and record the save, and the Padres would win the NL West by one game - over the Dodgers.

That year, I went to my first (and only) playoff game, only to see the Cardinals destroy San Diego's chances of postseason glory.  I can empathize with the A's fans still reeling from last night's loss, but a one game winner take all brawl is a tough way to go out.

Nevertheless, happy GWYNNsday to all the Royals supporters!  FWIW, I picked the Orioles and Nats to go to the World Series this year, so I still have a shot to have that prediction come true.  I had the same pick in 2013, and, well, that didn't pan out as much.

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  1. I like that he's wearing 29 on the front of the card, and 14 on the back. Going by his BR page, that means the front photo was taken in 1992, while the back one was taken in 1993.