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Friday, September 26, 2014

Old Reliable

With all the horrible things going on in the NFL, it's been hard to stay interested in the regular sports talk radio that I usually listen to while I'm driving.  God forbid they actually talk about baseball, but I live in Texas, so I guess it comes with the territory.

Anyways, instead of mindless radio jibber jabber, I've been digging up some of the gems from my music library.  It's been fun.  There was a particular day this week where I felt like I needed something different than what I'd been listening to.  I can only fit about 400 songs comfortably on my iPhone (yep, that's how I listen to music now, apparently), so my resources weren't really that extensive.

Then, I found it.  The perfect album to get me into a groove.

Was it something new?  Well, not quite.  It was a band that I saw about a dozen times as a high school/college kid.  Nobody outside of southern California has heard of them, and they were only around for a few years (enough to release a full length album and an EP), but they're my favorite band (disclaimer: if people ask, I claim The Clash, but just because more people have heard of them, rather than explain my life story with some obscure local band).

Well, in a roundabout way, I was feeling the same about some of my recent blogs.  Having a hard time feeling it.  So what do I turn to?  The old reliable.

What sparked my interest was a question from View From The Skybox author on twitter, and seeing this card recently in one of my binders:

The back of a regular old Trevor Hoffman card, you say?  Perhaps to the untrained eye.  Easy to miss Hoffman congratulating Archi Cianfrocco on being awesome.

A few posts ago, I said that, when I thought about my blog, the player that came to mind was Andrew Cashner.  This is because there are so many new cards (well, parallels) that I can chase down of his.

If I think harder about it, however, my Archi Cianfrocco collection is probably one of my favorites.

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm the biggest Cianfrocco collector there is.  

Here's a page worth of Archi's rookie cards, from the '92 season.  There are a few more that didn't fit on the page, but seeing 1) Archi on cardboard, and 2) the old Expos uniforms is awesome.

I guess it's a collection that is easy to take for granted, because I have a pretty good majority of Cianfrocco's cards.  There are probably only a few parallels to track down, and maybe a minor league card or two.  Hard to get excited about a collection that is basically completed (and one that basically nobody else cards much about).

I'm pretty sure I showed this one already, but here it is again.  While we're speaking of cameo's, here's Archi totally photo bombing Brett Butler's card.  Extra special bonus points for having the Jack Murphy palm trees in the cave.

Well, there you have it!  My go to when nothing else will do: Archi Cianfrocco.

Not a better post subject with which to lead me into the weekend.


  1. Have a great weekend, and scan up all of those Cianfrocco's, let's see them all.