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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Vintage Palm Trees

So, usually the occasional "palm tree" cards that I post on Tuesdays are from the 90's, when Jack Murphy Stadium had palm trees behind the outfield walls.  Today's card is from… well, before the 90's.

It's actually from more than twenty years prior, from 1970 Topps.  Preston Gomez was the first manager for the MLB iteration of the San Diego Padres (the Padres were also a Pacific Coast League team that had been around since the '50s).  He managed three whole seasons with the Padres, and combined for 309 losses (110, 99, and 100).  He lasted 11 games in 1972 before getting canned, and went 4-7 in that stretch.  He left San Diego with a .363 winning percentage as a manager.  He'd go on to manage the Astros ('74-'75, .443 winning pct.) and Cubs ('80, .422 winning pct.), and would get fired midseason from both of those positions.

Man, that sounded depressing.  But hey!  Look in the background of the smiling Gomez!  Palm trees!  Spring Training!  Optimism!


  1. No matter how bad of a record you have it always seems these guys find another job. I think every manager the Pirates had during the 20 years of losing are still in baseball. The old boys club is alive and well.

  2. I love this card. Gomez never had a decent team to manage. I'm guessing he's the only manager who has ever lifted his pitcher for a pinch-hitter while that pitcher had a no-hitter going.....twice.