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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thanks, Junior!

In my quest to acquire as many Andrew Cashner cards as I can, there are a few basic principles I try to adhere to when buying cards online: 1) Try to keep it under $5, and 2) If I think I can get it from somebody else, hold off.

Well, there have been a few Cashner's that have topped the five buck rule, I think I've done alright in that aspect.  Still plenty of high end ones that I don't have, but I can live with that pretty easy.

Anyways, I was sitting on eight different variations of Andrew Cashner's Bowman card from this year, six of which are serial numbered, but there was one that eluded me:

The base card.  I opened a pack or two of Bowman, but never pulled this one.  Cough up actual money for a card that I knew someone I knew would have to pull and possibly send to me?  No way.  Fortunately, TJ, The Junior Junkie, came through in a big way last week.  Now I have a full page of 2014 Bowman Cashner greatness.  Seriously, the throwback uniforms and backdrop make for a great card.  Love that guy.

Here's a sample of the other cards that TJ sent my way.

I bought into the hype from Topps on Yonder Alonso - hook line and sinker.  Dude has gotten a lot of autos and relics in a bunch of sets, and, despite an above average rookie year in 2012, has failed to build on the promise.  First base continues to be a black hole for the Padres.  Hunter Renfroe, on the other hand, is a big prospect who has done well this year, starting in single A Lake Elsinore and making the Cal League All Star team, and then having a strong year in AA San Antonio.  I think he might get a shot in San Diego at the end of the year next year, or maybe get a chance to make the team out of Spring Training in 2016.

Here's some 90's goodness, not sure what happened with the scan here.  I already had the Hoffman, which is stellar, but mine had a little wear and tear, so this is a good upgrade in condition.  Melvin Nieves is one of the guys the Padres got in exchange for Fred McGriff from the Braves in 1993, and I've gone from hating him for being so horrible to being amused by his ineptitude.  I guess I've finally forgiven Melvin - when I first started getting his cards in trades, I wouldn't just pawn them off on my students or toss them into a trade box - I'd throw them away.

I have more than a page's worth of cards of Dustin Hermanson cards, and all of them have the word "Rookie" or a synonym of it either on the front or the back.  He had a pretty decent career, though, of his 1,283 innings pitched, only 45.1 of them were with the Padres.  This Jedd Gyorko is no longer with me, although it looks killer.  I'll be putting it in the mail tomorrow to send to my buddy Joe at From an Unlikely Source, who is a Padre fan who happens to call West Virginia home.

Thanks TJ!  I've been slow on the trade front lately, but I'm heading to the post office today (hopefully), and I'll have a bunch of stuff sent out.

Take care!  Happy Tuesday!

EDIT: Seeing as how Andrew Cashner turned in a pretty fine performance last night (complete game shutout, two hits, no runs, 7 strikeouts - all in 92 pitches), here's some bonus Cashner, with the aforementioned page of 2014 Bowman cards.

I've said it before, if there's been a card released this year that's better looking than Cashner in a throwback Padres jersey against a backdrop of the Lone Star flag, well, I haven't seen it.


  1. The rainbow page looks fantastic. Glad I could help!

  2. Didn't realize there were that many parallel sets for Bowman. Looks good!