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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Late Night on a GWYNNsday

It's been a few days since my last post, and the effort of putting out a (relatively) "good" post has prevented me from writing anything at all.

So, just to get the juices flowing, here is a sextet of Tony Gwynn cards that I picked up this week.  I picked up the last card that I needed from the '74 Topps Washington Nat'l Lea. error team set, and it seems like all of my other eBay pickups have been Andrew Cashner cards, so finding some cheap Gwynns (six for about four bucks) was a fun change of pace.

Five Gwynn's with bats, only one with a glove.  Four from the 80's and two from the 90's.  It always surprises me when there's a "basic" Gwynn that I don't have (like his '86 Donruss, bottom middle), while picking up some of the differently named Fleer sets (right side) and a M&M oddball are a little more interesting.

These were Gwynn cards numbers 556-561 (at the time).  I've never actively sought out Gwynns, since it seems to be pretty easy to get them in the occasional trade package, but since I'm getting nearer the 600 mark, it's harder to find more that I don't already have.  I won't spend too much on one that I don't have, just because… well, there's a lot that I don't have.

But combined shipping on some Gwynn's I didn't already have?  Sign me up for that!

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  1. I think Gwynnsday is becoming my favorite recurring card blog posts. My Gwynn PC is nowhere near 600, so I get see some other Gwynn cards.