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Monday, September 22, 2014

Getting Caught Up

So, it's been a long time since I got back from my summer trip to San Diego.  I hinted that I wasn't sure if I was going to rock my Kevin Kouzmanoff replica jersey or my Raul Casanova Spring Training jersey, or maybe dress up as a Friar (y'know, because they're the Padres).

Well, I'm sure that so many of you were hanging onto the edge of your seats...

…speaking of seats, this is where I was sitting (it was floppy hat day, hence the ridiculous looking headgear by the guy in front of us)...

…we went as Friars!  I'm the weirdo on the left, in the darkest brown robe, with my brothers Tyler and Ammon to the right.  We used sheets that my mom and sister dyed brown, but it took longer than we expected, and my dad's didn't get the brown treatment.  This was pre game at my brother Tyler's place, where we met up before the game.

I was rocking a brand new '84 style Padres hat that I got myself for my birthday (big 3-0!).  I'm pretty much in love with it and wear it more than any hat I've owned (well, as an adult).

Well, the Padres beat the Braves with a walk off hit by Will Venable, who is my least favorite current Padre.  It was pretty fun rooting on Kevin Quackenbush and making fun of Andrelton Simmons with my brothers.  My dad was pretty upset that, despite dressing up like a bunch of idiots, we didn't get on the Jumbo Tron.  Apparently my "SOLARTE POWER!!!" sign didn't cut it.

We were able to snap a picture in front of the Tony Gwynn statue, which was a must do for my only trip to Petco this year.  As you can see, I was also wearing sandals to complete the Swinging Friar look.  

We went to the Padres gift shop and I picked up a few discounted items.  I couldn't afford the Chris Denorfia official jersey, which was discounted to $150 (he had been traded a few days ago), but this Luke Gregerson shirsey was only $10, so I snapped it up (he was traded in the offseason, and was a guy I really liked).

I also got the hat that I'm wearing in this picture.  Hard to tell from here, but it's a number 51, which is in reference to Trevor Hoffman's retired number.  Also a steal for $10.  This photo was taken at a hotel pool where my sister Charlotte and my brother Sam caught a free concert by Spoon, one of my favorite bands.  They released their new album "They Want My Soul" that day, and it was pretty rad.

Sam couldn't go to the baseball game with us because he had to work, but he is probably the most diehard baseball fan of all of my brothers (well, Ammon is close, I guess).  He got me this book for my birthday.

For my actual birthday, we went to a Lake Elsinore Storm game.  It was pretty fun, and I really have to say that I prefer the minor league experience to the major league experience.  Closer seats, cheaper tickets, more fun.  Not knowing most of the players is really the biggest bummer, but since they're in the Padres organization, I knew a few of them.  They won that game too, so I was undefeated on my southern California swing.  Oh, it was Free Hotdog Wednesday and my brother Ammon got a hot dog-less piece of aluminum foil with this note written on it, along with a dollar bill.  Pretty cool.

I posted this earlier, but my second "gift" for myself was this bat.  It was only $25 in the Storm gift shop, and is signed by Gabriel Quintana.  He hit a home run that night that went 415 feet, so that was pretty cool.  It's broken, but only has a sliver chunked out of the handle, still in pretty decent condition.  I need to find a way to display it in my classroom near my desk.

Anyways, yeah, there's some vacation news that's about a month and a half old.

In more recent news, my brother Tyler had his second child (first girl) last night, and the Padres swept the Giants!  All around, a pretty good Sunday.

Happy Monday!  Take care, feel free to leave jokes about robes in the comments below.


  1. Great pictures, Marcus, especially the family shot. I have to admit I'm a bit jealous of your recent trip to San Diego. Jan and I are hoping to get back there in a couple of years, in time for our next "big" wedding anniversary (we married early).

    Those were some nice birthday pick-ups as well. I also have that Bob Chandler book - it's a great read. A really, really great post!

  2. Love the friar outfit! Oh... and nice purchases too.

  3. Looks like a great time, though the Padres aren't exactly alone in beating the Braves these days!