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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cashner WINSday

Well, I've been doing a decent job of keeping the GWYNNsday posts a pretty regular thing, but today I wanted to mix it up.

Okay, I guess normally "mixing it up" means doing something that you don't normally do, so I suppose that posting yet another Andrew Cashner card doesn't really qualify.

However, since the Padres beat the Dodgers 6-3 last night (Cash went 7 innings, gave up 2 runs and had 2 K's, to go along with a two RBI double in the 2nd inning) and Cashner got his first win since APRIL, I thought it'd be a good celebration (he has a 2.95 ERA this year, and has been a victim of being "supported" by a horrible Padres offense, and spent over a month on the DL).

With that build up, here is my rarest addition to my Cashner Collection...

2010 Topps Chrome (cyan printing plate 1/1)

This is my third printing plate, the others being from some Topps Update sets (Chris Denorfia '11 and Kyle Blanks '13).

While I balked at first at adding non-Padres cards to my Cashner collection, I realized that there are some players that I will probably love regardless of their uniform -  they can't all stay with the same team for 20 years, so I let it slide.  I'd still want any cards with Denorfia or Archi Cianfrocco on them.  Steve Finley and Andy Benes don't apply here, because they ended up playing on rival division/playoff teams (Dodgers/DBacks/Rockies/Giants and Cardinals, respectively.  Gross.

I don't have any other copies of his '10 Topps Chrome card, so I guess I'll need to track down some of those to see what it looks like with the rest of the colors.

Anyways, pretty cool to have.  Got it from an "Best Offer" on eBay, in which the seller seemed pretty easy to work with.  Nice when it works out like that.


  1. Right on, great addition to your Padres and especially your Cashner PC, Backstop!

    I vote for you posting this printing plate again, once you've got the card to go with it!

    Cashner's the man.

    Yet again I have huge hopes, as we face an impending off season very soon, that our next season features beastly pitchers and some dang bats that can keep up!

    Go Padres!