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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Friendly GWYNNsday

Go make a friend with a rival at the office today.  Instead of focusing on your differences (different positions, roles, locations), focus on what you have in common (similarly colored uniforms, penchant for hitting things thrown at you).

Even if it doesn't blossom into a forever friendship…

take solace in the fact that you're better at everything than them.

And never smile with them in photos.  Shows weakness.

This card is from a baseball card magazine.  I think it might've even been called Baseball Card Magazine.  Could be wrong.  It's in a binder in the garage.


  1. Gwynn looks as excited to be in that photo as I am to be in the office.

  2. No one told Clark about the "no smile" rule. The Padres were black and orange at some point?

    1. No, the brown just looks very, very dark in this photo. And if the reason Will didn't smile too much was how creepy he looks, well, I don't blame him for the scowl.

  3. Great oddball. I've been chasing down Gwynn cards from all of those late 80's/early 90's baseball card magazines.