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Monday, September 15, 2014

'93 Upper Deck

Digging through my Non-Padres binder, I got to thinking about what it took to make it into the binder. In most cases, it was the player, someone who I liked or had some small measure of importance to me.  In a very few cases, it was because I thought the card looked too awesome not to have.

1993 Upper Deck is represented more than any other set in the binder, so here's a look at the eight cards from that set in the Non-Padres binder.

I don't know really know how to pronounce Casey Candaele's last name, but this is a pretty cool shot here.  Maybe it's just the angle, but it looks like CC's getting some pretty good air and has a decent shot at snaring that liner, though I'd bet that he's probably going to end up just a bit short on this one.  Also like that Candaele is listed as an infielder, not a specific position.

Here's a few cards that I didn't think of much when I first saw them, but they grew on me the more I looked at 'em.  I've read that Buhner and Griffey were/are pals, so kinda cool seeing a candid shot of them goofin' around.  Here's Cory Snyder casually blowing a bubble while catching a fly near the ivy at Wrigley

Matt Nokes and Tom Brunansky are actually both guys that I have a more of a connection to.  Matt Nokes, seen here hitting off a tee, was on my little brother's Little League team.  My dad was the coach, so when he said we could go to an Angels game to watch batting practice and get autographs, I was able to tag along.  Tom Brunansky's kid also played in the Poway American Little League, and I've heard my dad talk about talking baseball w/Brunansky a few times.  I always considered him a Red Sock, so kinda weird seeing him in a Brewers uniform here.

I loved Omar Vizquel as a kid (well, and as an adult - he retired in 2012), and while I usually prefer shots of him making spectacular plays at short, seeing him fiddle with a camcorder is pretty memorable as well.  Really like those old Mariner uniforms as well.

Of course, if I had to choose a favorite "type" of photos in '93 Upper Deck, it's have to be the multi-exposure shots.  Upper Deck became known for their great cards with Nolan Ryan and Fernando Valenzuela, but even guys like Phil Hiatt got some love here.  This one is awesome.

Of course, it doesn't hurt having a big name on the card, either.  Here's Andre Dawson hawking down a foul ball in right field at Wrigley.  Diving headfirst towards a brick wall doesn't seem like the most intelligent thing, but I'm sure that's something that Cubs outfielders are always aware of and practice.

I'm sure that there are other great cards from that great '93 Upper Deck set, and maybe I'll track down a few more at some point.  Actually, my favorite ones can be found in the Padres team set.  Randy Myers, Gary Sheffield, and Jose Melendez have some great cards.  Check 'em out sometime.


  1. That is an awesome shot of Candaele.

  2. Funny thing to me is that I always think of Tom Brunansky as a member of the Twins first and foremost. He moved around a lot, though.

  3. Brunansky is a TWIN. You youngsters.

    Oh, and here you go: http://nightowlcards.blogspot.com/2009/08/when-upper-deck-was-king.html

  4. Photography-wise, the best set ever. Save for the '89 Upper Deck Jim Abbott, the Hiatt and Dawson are probably my two favorite multiple-exposure cards of all-time.

  5. This is so hilarious, I just scanned all of those cards last night to post this week. You will be seeing them again...... plus some