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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Vintage Vacation Pt. 9

While on vacation in San Diego, my goal is to not do any blogging.  I might read a blog in my down time here or there, but I'd like to keep myself from writing until I get back.  SO, I'll be digging a little bit into some of my vintage cards for a quick post for most of the days that I'm gone.  Enjoy!

1953 Mother's Cookies, Tom Alston #24
For the last day of Vintage Vacation, I had to go with a San Diego theme.  Of all of my vintage cards, the ones that are the most valuable to me are the Pacific Coast League Padres from the Mother's Cookies sets of the '50s.  I have six total, and got them a few months apart off of eBay, each for less than $15.  Since then, I've hardly seen any get posted at all, so I'm glad I got 'em.  Anyways, I love these, and Tom Alston was the first African American player to play for the St. Louis Cardinals.  Way to go, Tom.

If all goes according to plan, we'll be pulling into our driveway sometime late tonight, so I'll be back to posting soon, hopefully with some great pictures of the Padres game and other fun family-type stuff.  Take care!


  1. I think this one was my favorite vintage piece you posted while you were on your vacation.

  2. I've only heard, but never seen one of these. Awesome card. Drive safely.

  3. Pinstripes and blue/ Hmmmmmm. Have a safe trip home,