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Monday, August 4, 2014

Vintage Vacation Pt. 5

While on vacation in San Diego, my goal is to not do any blogging.  I might read a blog in my down time here or there, but I'd like to keep myself from writing until I get back.  SO, I'll be digging a little bit into some of my vintage cards for a quick post for most of the days that I'm gone.  Enjoy!

1973 Topps, Roberto Clemente #50
This is Roberto Clemente's last card.  I'm not really big into labeling things as "must have", since everyone's card collection varies based on their own likes and dislikes.  However, I'd have to think that this is one that a lot of collectors already have, or wouldn't mind adding to their binders (or however you store your cards).  Mine's not great, but it was under $5, so you can't beat that.  RIP Roberto.


  1. Quite possibly my favorite card of all-time. Fantastic pickup for under five bucks.

  2. Still need to pick this one up for my '73 set. Great looking pickup for under $5!!

  3. Great card. I definitely have a copy in my vintage binder.