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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Top Ten Trevors

So in honor of Trevor Hoffman's entrance into the Padres Hall of Fame, yesterday I posted all of Trevor Hoffman's Topps base cards.  A Marlins card, a bunch of Padres, and then a few Brewers at the end.

Today, I'll show my top ten favorite Trevor Hoffman cards - from his Padres days.  Obviously, it's pretty cool to have some cards from Trevor's days as a Reds prospect, but for today, we'll stick to when he was pitching with an "SD" on his cap.

#10 - 2000 Skybox Dominion #118
I almost overlooked this one when digging through my 100+ cards of Hoffy.  A pretty understated card, with a close up of Trevor with his high leg kick and against a black and white background.  No borders = a more awesome photo.

#9 - 1995 Collector's Choice SE (silver signature) #355
I have a few cards that feature Hoffman batting, but this one is probably my favorite.  He racked up a whopping 36 plate appearances in his career, compiling four hits (two doubles), five RBI, and a run scored, good for a .118 average.

#8 - 1997 Upper Deck #230
Upper Deck is featured pretty prominently in this countdown, and I don't know, I guess I just really like their photography.  Nothing too exciting about this card, but it just looks good.  I also liked how '97 Upper Deck had the little blurbs on the front, along with the date the photo was taken.

#7 - 1998 Upper Deck #495
I can't really tell what Trevor's got in his right hand, but I imagine it's something that he signed for some fan, and he's handing it back up to them in the stands.  Along with a smiling Hoffman, we also get a shot of the good old Jack Murphy Stadium.  I'm probably in the extreme minority, but I really loved that stadium and wish they still played there.  Don't get me wrong, Petco is beautiful, but it (obviously) more expensive and in a not-as-easy-to-get-to-and-park part of town.  Heavy dose of nostalgia there as well.

#6 - 2002 Topps Gallery #88
Topps Gallery seems like a pretty cool set, even though I've only gotten these cards in trade.  I wasn't collecting baseball cards my senior year of high school.

#5 - 2004 Upper Deck #230
Again, Upper Deck comes through with some interesting photography here.  Not sure how often the team's closer hangs out in the dugout, so I'm guessing that this is a pre game shot.

#4 - 1994 Collector's Choice #494
The front of this one isn't bad, but I like the back of this one more.  It's actually flipped around in my my binder.  Gotta love a "grips" photo, complete with a high quality glamour shots background.  Don't let 'em see ya smile, Trev.

#3 - 1998 Collector's Choice #222
This might seem a little low for some, as it's probably the one that I've seen the most on other blogs.  While he wouldn't be the first All-Star pitcher who wore number 51 to fool around with a camera, I'm pretty sure that he's just goofing around, he's not making a second career out of it.

#2 - 1994 Stadium Club #312
While Hoffman didn't make his "ML debut" with the Padres (he pitched in 28 games with the Marlins in '93), this is still a great shot.  With the brim of his hat pulled down and the sun casting shadows, Hoffy looks like a real gunslinger.  The orange line of the Jack Murphy outfield wall and the blurry victim batter in the foreground makes this one of my favorites.

#1 - 1997 Collector's Choice #212
So many things I love about this one.  First off, I'm pretty sure that I was at the game in '96 when fans were allowed to go onto the field and take pictures with the players along the warning track (though it might've been a different year).  Second, so much good stuff going on in the background, from the palm trees, the scoreboard that says that it's photo day, and especially the team slogan in the hanging from the wall: "Keep the Faith".  Still a motto used by us diehards, commonly abbreviated on twitter as #KTF.  Thirdly, a brilliantly posed Hoffman in the foreground.  While he looks like he might be hamming it up a bit here, I always thought of it as a "Welcome to the madhouse" pose that was meant to intimidate opposing teams.  You know, because they probably take scouting reports on baseball cards.

Anyways, I'm sure that there are a lot of other Hoffman's out there that might deserve a spot on this list, but either they're not in my collection, or the moon wasn't in the right spot - these rankings change on my mood.

Except for those top two.  Don't foresee any changes happening there for a while.

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  1. Great, great lot of Hoff cards, Backstop! From the first '96 Pinnacle to the last '97 UD Collector's Choice, all of them phenomenal and I don't have but one of these!

    Were you able to watch or listen to the game last night? It was pretty cool listening to "SweenDawg" gush on and on about Hoffman. Clearly he's so well respected by his former teammates and not "just" us, fans.