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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sign Here...

Phew!  Yesterday was my first day back at work since June, and while it was good to be back, I felt a little more tired than expected.  Not quite back at the top of my game, yet.  By this time next week, I'll be with about 20 or so 1st graders, so I need to get with the program, quickly.  Fortunately, my classroom isn't ever elaborately designed (at least at the beginning of the year - we add on stuff as we learn), so it shouldn't take long to whip everything into shape.

One thing that I have a hard time remembering to do during the trainings before school starts is finding the sign-in sheet to record that I'm there.  As if I'd be anywhere else!  No trust.

Well, as I was signing my name on the dotted line, it got me thinking of some other nice signatures that I had come across in the past month or so that I hadn't posted here yet.

First up, the newest card of the bunch, from 2014 Topps Finest, Tommy Medica.  You'll be forgiven for not knowing Medica's name, though he has become a fan favorite among guys for his left field power and among the women because he seems to have more buttons on his jersey undone as the game wears on.  He also has an autographed card in '14 Donruss, but this one looks a little better and is an on-card auto, so I went with this one.  The Padres don't have any base cards in the Finest checklist, but they at least have an autograph.

I've been trying to find a Cory Spangenberg autographed card ever since I said hi to him and got his autograph on a ball at Spring Training in 2012.  Finally found one that slipped under the $5 mark, so I snapped it up.  Might have to do with Spangenberg slipping off the list of the Padres best 20 prospects, despite having a pretty good season at AA San Antonio (batting .333 in 231 AB's, with 21 extra base hits and 14 steals).

Yeah, yeah, another month, another Andrew Cashner autograph.  Cashner pitched for AAA El Paso last night, and while he wasn't great (3 runs in 5 innings, 1 walk, 4 K's), it looks like he might be done with rehab trips and join the big league team soon.  Here he is during his days in the Cubs organization, with the Tennessee Smokies.  Gotta love the Pro Debut set.

Alright, I really considered giving this one it's own post, because it is now one of the prized possessions in my collection: a Jerry Coleman autograph.  Here's an autograph that I really wish I could've gotten in person, but since the Colonel has passed on, I'll go with a certified auto.  This one was only eight bucks, and though it breaks my five dollar rule, it's the lowest I've ever seen a Coleman certified auto go for, and I had some Paypal money from some cards I sold, so it was easily worth it.

That I saved this card for last, especially given the Coleman auto, shows how much I love this one.  Trevor Hoffman will be a Hall of Famer (first ballot in my opinion, but who knows with the geniuses in Cooperstown), and after realizing that Hoffy is now the greatest living Padre (people who think it's Dave Winfield aren't really Padre fans), I figured I needed to see if I could find a certified auto of his as well.  Dude has a pretty cool looking signature if you ask me, and I nabbed it despite another eight dollar price tag for the same reasons listed above.  The '96 Leaf set is chock full with great autographs, but Trevor's is easily the best of the Padres (well, besides Archi Cianfrocco).

After all, I've been a fan of Trevor's for a while (that's me on the right, with my brothers, Tyler on the left, and Sam in the middle).  I'm pretty sure this was taken in '96, but it could've been the year before or after.

Have a great Tuesday, eat some tacos for me.


  1. I really like the Finest design this year. I might actually buy a pack at some point...

  2. Finest really is fine this year. And sweet Jerry Coleman auto!

  3. That Medica autograph looks great! And how cool that you have a picture with Hoffman!

  4. Great stuff. I picked up that Trevor a while back too. I love that it was early enough in his career that he still squiggled some letters after the initials. Seems like in later years, he just made a little line after each initial.

  5. That's a great Jerry Coleman card. I know he was popular as the Padres' broadcaster but I used to listen to him doing Yankee broadcasts in the 1960s. He was quite a character teamed up with Phil Rizzuto.

  6. Dude. No Padres in Finest? That's BS. If we can make every team have an All-Star Game rep, why can't we do the same for baseball card sets?