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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Palm Tree Tuesday: Hey Caminiti!

I haven't done a palm tree related post for a while, and what better time to do that than when I'm in San Diego.  Well, I mean, by the time this is posted, I'll be in San Diego, but as I write this, it's a hot day in central Texas.  But I'll see those palm trees soon.

Anyways, onto the subject...

This isn't the first Collector's Choice card that has made it onto a "Cards for the Trees" post.  This one is nice because it's a double feature; trees on the front and the back!

Ken Caminiti won the MVP in 1996, and although he was a masher that year (.326 average, 10 homers, 130 RBI), he also played some incredible defense.  Fitting that he is shown on the front and the back using his glove.

Also, we learn that Gaylord Perry won the Cy Young Award in both leagues.  Thanks Upper Deck!

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  1. Caminiti was an absolute beast in '96. As a kid, the two things that really stuck out were his defense and uncanny ability to break bats over his knee on a regular basis.