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Monday, August 25, 2014

Music Monday: 1st Day of School

Quick post before I head out the door for the first day of school.

This is one of my newer Tony Gwynn cards, from this year's Donruss set.  For a set that pays homage to the 90's, I thought this looked really good.  It's numbered 622/999, though I couldn't find anything cool to tie that into.  The green border looks good, despite not working with the Padres colors, and I like refraction on the card (though it's not easy to see here).

Figured it'd be good to start the school year off with a card of the greatest Padre ever, and just like he was a dominator in the late 80's and 90's, I plan on dominating the school year.

In a good way.  Teaching well and stuff.

Anyways, this is a song that has been in my iTunes library ever since I heard that it was a favorite of Anthony Keith Gwynn's.  I've actually listened to it a lot and is a favorite with my kids as well.

Have a great day, especially if you or someone you know is going back to school!

Word Up by Cameo


  1. Nice Gwynn! Even without the logos some of these new Donruss cards look pretty sharp!

  2. Ha, love that song. Didn't realize it was a Mr. Padre favorite. I remember SNL had some fun with it in a skit a while back. I think Duran Duran (or somebody?) did a cover of it in the early 90s which sounds pretty faithful, but more rockin'.

  3. For all you metalheads out there, Korn does a pretty cool version too.