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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Minor Details...

After posting about the most recent minor league card additions to the collection (including a pair of Kouzmanoffs), I receive not one, but two envelopes of plain white chock full of even more minor league goodness.

Y'all are all right in my book.

This first batch was from Gavin at Baseball Card Breakdown.  A good chunk of 2011 Heritage Minors cards, including the newest former minor leaguer Rymer Liriano.  Dude was raking in the minors this year, but not as hot in the bigs.  Obviously plenty of time, but I guess it's easy to get excited seeing how impactful some rookies can be (e.g. Trout, Baez, etc.).

Anyways, I've been thinking about starting a poll on the blog to see what the favorite uniform of the Padres was.  I think the Lake Elsinore Storm jersey is pretty cool, but I don't really like the hat.  Supposedly it's a big seller, but having two pairs of eyes on one head seems kinda dumb to me.  Could just be me, of course.

Gav went a little off book and added this Robbie Erlin card from his days in the Rangers farm system.  Jerry Sullivan is in AAA El Paso, but isn't as highly rated a prospect as he once was (no longer in Padres Top 20).

Besides wearing San Antonio Missions jerseys, these three players also sharte this fact in common: Neither has played a single game for the Padres this year.  Casey Kely had Tommy John surgery and is still recovering (there have been setbacks along the way, I believe).  James Darnell and Jaff Decker are no longer with the club.  Decker was traded to Pittsburgh, and I think Darnell was just always injured and eventually hung 'em up.

They weren't all Heritage Minors, however, as he included these Tri-Star cards.  Neither Danny Payne or Kyler Burke made it to the majors, but Sean O'Sullivan did.  He's shown here in a Cedar Rapids Kernels uniform, which is my second Kernels card (the other being Alexi Amarista).

Next up, a batch of cards from Weston over at Fantastic Catch.  Weston lives near enough to Fort Wayne to catch a Tin Cap game now and then, and this is the second batch of minor league cards he's sent me.  Great kid, that Weston.

Mallex Smith is a guy that is really exciting to watch.  Got to see him play in Lake Elsinore a few weeks ago, and the dude is a blur on the base paths.  He has 86 steals so far this season (48 with Fort Wayne, 38 with Lake Elsinore), to go along with 37 extra base hits and a .308 average.  Fifth round draft pick in 2012, expect to see him at Petco Park in a few years.  I guess I'll havta wait.

When I first saw this card, I was really confused.  Why does "Water Geyser" get it's own card?  I had to flip to the back to figure out what this had to do with Fort Wayne baseball.

Turns out that they got some pretty decent publicity for the ballpark malfunction.  Not sure how it's possible to just "kick open a water valve", but it happened.

There were more real baseball players as well.  Both Diego Goris and Dane Phillips have been promoted from Fort Wayne, with Goris currently in San Antonio and Phillips in Lake Elsinore.  The name TinCaps comes from the "cap" that Johnny Appleseed supposedly wore.  I actually read a book to my kids before bed a few nights ago about Johnny Appleseed, and it mentions that he died in Fort Wayne, and the TinCaps were the first thing I thought of (the second thing I thought was "Do I need to explain anything about dying to my three year old?").

My favorite card of the PWE, however, was this Gabriel Quintana card.  Seeing as how I have an autographed bat of his now, I guess I'll become a super collector of his.  I now have ALL of his cards!  Well, both of them, but still.  Not that I plan on selling the bat once he becomes the next Miguel Cabrera, it'd just be cool to say that I saw him play when he was still in the minors.

Thanks Gavin and Weston for these major additions to my minors binder!  


  1. The only card I've seen from this post is the Rymer Liriano Heritage. The rest of the cards from that set, like the Liriano, are so phenomenal. What a set to have in the collection!

    Water Geyser, man. That's some heavy "cool" right there.

    Great cards, Backstop!

  2. Glad you like the cards, Marcus. Just dropped a couple Denorfias in the mail for you yesterday.

  3. Second comment on this post just to share how jealous I am of those Heritage prospects, Backstop! Great cards x2!