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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Have You Ever?

Have you ever bid on a card on eBay that you really want, and then go searching through the seller's other listings to see if there's anything else worth picking up for the combined shipping?

Sure you have.  Everybody's a sucker for combined shipping.

Well, I found a great card that I needed to work towards finishing my '74 "Washington Nat'l Lea." error card team set.  The price was under five bucks shipped, and finding another card that looked pretty sweet, I put in minimum bids on both with a few hours left.

Turns out that the card that I got outbid on the card I initially wanted, and ended up with the "extra" card that now wasn't really the add-on I thought it was.  Not that I'm complaining too much...

I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that this is the only card that I have that has three Hall of Famers in it, and that it's vintage makes it even greater.  It's pretty well centered as well, I'm not sure what my scanner was thinking with the way it cropped it here.  Pretty good corners as well, if that's something your into.

I chose it because I'm a fan of Harmon Killebrew, as far as being a fan of players who played decades before I was born go.  That Carl Yastrzemski and Frank Robinson are also on the card is a pretty rad bonus in my opinion.

Here's the back, showing off the centering a little more.  Interesting that Topps decided to give us the top 50 RBI leaders for each league, even though the 50th guy had 49 RBI less than every guy on the front of the card.  I'd be lying if I said I recognized more than half of these names, but hey, the Padres wouldn't be in the majors for two more seasons, and I wouldn't be born for another 17 years.

While I'm at it, have you ever compared vintage league leader cards to modern ones?

Here is the one of the few league leader cards that I have in my Padres collection.  By some incredible, miraculous fluke, Chase Headley led the National League in RBI in 2012 with a career average-defying 115.  The rest of the RBI totals in his career: 64, 58, 50, 44, and 38.  This year, he's got 42, so we'll see where his last half-season as a Padre lands among his career bests.

Anyways, what I'm saying is that there is a pretty big difference between Yaz/Killebrew/Frank Robinson and Headley/Braun/Soriano.


  1. I think the proper question for me is: "Have you ever bid on eBay?". Someday I'll make it to the 21st century.

  2. Love me some combined shipping. Really can save you a lot of cash.

  3. Heck of a card. And yeah, it's humbling when you're trying to combine shipping and end up with the "sure, let's throw that one in too" card(s) instead of the "gimmie THAT!" card.

  4. Combined shipping works better on Buy It Now options. That way you definitely get the right amount to qualify for shipping. Awesome card anyway!

  5. Killer card, Backstop! The condition looks phenomenal. Are you going to binder that one, or with cards like these do you keep in top loaders (I'm having collection storage technique come up again, clearly)?

    I was just looking at the Headley, Braun, Soriano card yesterday! One I can't stand, one is a favorite, and one I'm neutral about. Makes for a "complicated" card.