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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

GWYNNsday, w/Friends

First of all, thanks for all the well-wishing and congratulations for my anniversary which was yesterday.  A pretty uneventful day, but we had a great dinner together (got Texas Land & Cattle steaks to go, which was kinda weird, but it worked) and watched some Netflix.  If that's a service that you have, I'd recommend watching "Louie", season 3, episode 6.  It's a pair of episodes that aired one after the other, called "Barney/Never".  While I can't say that I'm a huge fan of the second episode, "Barney" features a guest spot by the recently departed Robin Williams that I really enjoyed.

2014 has been a rough year for losing "famous people you care about" (which I realize is kind of a weird phrase, but it's all I've got for now), with Williams joining an impressive, if depressing list of those who have passed away.  While it includes many highly influential people in music and movies that I love (Harold Ramis, Tommy Ramone, etc), the top of the list of people that I really cared about would have to be Jerry Coleman and Tony Gwynn.

Kind of a weird segment into a GWYNNsday, but so be it.

This little gem was plucked from a "Tony Gwynn" box at the card shop a mile or so from my in-laws house in Escondido, CA.  Not a great place for cardboard, but I found a few things worth getting.  The couple who run the place are pretty old, and the lady there told me that she'd had the box put together before Tony passed, and had put it out again anticipating some new interest.  Mostly junk wax era stuff, marked at about a buck each, with a few in the three dollar range.  As my memory served me, this was the only one out of the more than a hundred or so that I didn't already have, so I was happy to take it for two bucks. Rummaging around in the box was fun, even if I had to overspend a little.

The card itself is also beautiful.  While I love me a Gwynn card of him with a bat in his hands, the dude won five Gold Gloves.  Anyways, aside from the matte and foil design that I loved from the '96 Fleer set, the blue background with orange lettering looks gorgeous with the Padres uniforms of the mid 90's.

Kudos to Fleer, successfully atoning for the '95 set, which was much rougher on the eyes than this one (though I like it now, looking back).

Well, Tony brought some friends with him, so I'll showcase them as well.

I've been saying that I need to add to my George Foster collection, so I think this brings me to… I dunno, five?  I've got his rookie card, a bat relic, and a couple of cards that came out in the 2000s (one autographed - thanks again Gavin!), so I've got a few more Foster's to get.  Toying with the idea of creating a binder of "Page Guys", collecting nine best cards (that I can get ahold of) from a few different guys.  Early stages of that time-wasting project. Oh, but yeah, George Foster and his sideburns mean business, even though there's no logo on his helmet.

Goose is a guy that I also love and would consider adding to the "Page Guys" project, except I think I want more Geese cards.  He'd be a good candidate for a "Topps Timeline" deal (all the Topps base cards from when the player was active), but I think Topps dropped the ball and missed a year or two towards the end.  Anyways, a lot to like about a young, clean shaven "Rich" Gossage.  I wonder how many kids had to flip to the back of the card to learn his nickname.

Whenever I'm there, I like to rip some old 90's packs as well, which seems to surprise the people who work there.  They didn't have any '92 Topps, which I kinda felt like opening, but they had '94 Stadium Club, which is awesome.  Ripped three packs for 95 cents each, and these were my two favorites, shoo-ins to the Non-Padres Binder (though both were added to the "Former Padres" section of said binder).  I love Rickey's glasses, but Boomer Wells in a Tigers uniform sporting a 'stache and a tattoo of his son on his arm?  Tough to beat, plus it's one of the "gold" parallels.  On second thought, should that one go into the "Cards With Kids" section of the Rad Binder?  Decisions, decisions.

Well, it turned out that I couldn't use my debit card with a purchase of less than $10, so I added this beauty to the little stack to tip the scales.  This is the first card from the 1968 Topps set in my collection, and Harmon Killebrew is a pretty good choice in my opinion.  Definitely in rough shape - the crease through the middle is easily visible, and my scanner cut off the rounded edges on the bottom as well, but no matter, still a pretty good looking card in my opinion.

I'm sure that those of you who frequent better shops that are closer to your home than the 1,300 miles I drove to California might not be all that impressed, but when going to a card shop is a once or twice a year thing, well, I take what I can get.

Have a great GWYNNsday, it's the last one of my summer break, as training for school starts on Monday, with school starting on the last Monday in August.  Where did the summer go?

Speaking of using your time wisely, I'll be spending a little bit of my GWYNNsday cataloging my Gwynn collection.  My list on the blog says I have 491 of them, but a quick and dirty count in my binders says I have 547.  56 UNACCOUNTED FOR GWYNN CARDS?  This cannot stand.


  1. The Killebrew card is great. I had to add it too my collection also. He is one of the cards that comprise the Yaz puzzle on the card backs.

  2. That SC Wells is great. I need to find a copy of that one. Also, I'd definitely try the "Page Guys" thing you mentioned. Sounds like it could be a fun little project.

  3. Have fun cataloging your Gwynns. My Gwynn binders are two of my favorites in the collection. It's always nice to find some cards that aren't already in your binder.

    As for Coleman, Gwynn, and Williams... you're absolutely right... it's been a rough year. They will be missed.