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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Closing In...

I've been feeling like there's a bunch of "mini-projects" that I'm trying to add to in my collection, and all of them are very much "in progress", but not many seem to be nearing completion.

One that's been a slow burner is getting all of the "Washington Nat'l Lea." Padres from the 1974 Topps set.  For those not in the know, it looked as if the Padres were going to be moved to Washington until Ray Kroc of McDonald's fame swooped in and bought the team, keeping them in America's Finest City.  While not all of the Padres cards from '74 were prematurely branded with "Washington", there are "Nat'l Lea." variations of the first 15 in the set.

Seeing as how these are error cards from the 70's, they come with a little higher price tag than most of the cards in my collection.  Nothing crazy or anything (other than the Willie McCovey card, none of the players are very popular), but hard to hunt down those bargains for the remaining few I need.  Down to three final cards, I think I'm closing in on completion there.

Alright, I can say with assurance that I'll never really be "closing in" on my Tony Gwynn collection.  As I wrote in a previous post, I wanted to update my list and organize my Gwynn cards, and lo and behold, along with my Team Set binder, Auto/Relic/Rad Binder, and of course Tony Gwynn binder, the official count is at 551 Gwynn cards.  This year's card from the Allen & Ginter set was the one that pushed me over the 550 mark.

Both of these cards were sent to me from Kaiser over at the Orange and Black Wax blog.  It's pretty new and, as the title implies, heavily slanted towards Giants cardboard, but still good for a read, don't hold it against him :)

While we're on the subject of "closing", I can say that I finally completed the orange parallel of the Padres team set for Series 2.  This year's Series 1 had yellow parallels (which I loved) that were only found in hanger boxes, but for some reason, they switched to orange for S2.

The Padres only got seven players in the Series 2 checklist, though they had fourteen in Series 1.  I'm not sure why the hue of Chase Headley's card is so much lighter than the rest, but it is what it is.  Of the seven here, only two are on the active roster: Jedd Gyorko and Ian Kennedy.  Cam Maybin is in the minors, about ready to come back from a 25 game suspension for taking medication that he wasn't supposed to, and Josh Johnson is still getting paid by the Padres, but won't pitch for them because he was injured in Spring Training.  Colt Hynes hasn't been with the Padres since last year (not sure why he was included in the set), and Kyle Blanks and Chase Headley have been traded (to the A's and Yankees, respectively).

Well, that's it for now.  Best of luck on everyones collecting endeavors.  Hope you're all closing in on finishing a project or two...


  1. Hang in there... it took me a while to complete my Washington Nat'l Lea collection without breaking the bank, but I got there. Admittedly, it helped that I pulled the McCovey out of a pack when I was a kid...

    I don't know if you're aware that there are three different versions of the Rookie Pitcher card featuring Dave Freisleben; if not, I wrote about it here:

    It's funny, I was just sorting through my 2014 factory set earlier today and thinking that the Padres got the shaft in terms of number of cards as well as player selection. "Colt Hynes, hasn't he been on a bunch of teams since the Padres?" Sure enough, Baseball Reference shows him going from the Padres to the Indians to the Dodgers to the Blue Jays within the past 10 months. Topps was probably more concerned about getting another rookie in the set than with getting a worthwhile player on the right team.

    1. Yeah, pretty annoying about Colt Hynes. I know they already had the Josh Johnson card all queued up, but it was common knowledge before the season started that he wouldn't be playing this year, could've taken him out and put in somebody else - a final card of Chris Denorfia would've been nice...

  2. The '74 Topps "Washington Nat'l Lea" McCovey is one of my dream cards. Until then, though, I'm more than happy with finding ones of cheaper guys like Rich Troedson. Some of the best error cards ever printed.

    1. I found mine on eBay for $5. Not great condition, obviously, but good enough for me. And yeah, best error cards ever.

  3. I also pulled the Mccovey from a pack as a kid. Had to chase down the Washington cards to have a complete 74 master set

  4. You were the first guy to send me a big stack so I'm glad I could fill some of your holes. (Well that just sounded wrong..)

  5. Best of luck finishing of the 74T Washington variation team set. I'd love to go after it myself... but I'm already dealing with a bunch of projects already. Oh... and one more thing. Congratulations on obtaining your 551st Gwynn!