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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cashner Day

Today is not just a regular old Saturday.

Today is the first day that Andrew Cashner will pitch for the Padres since going on the disabled list on June 20th.

It has seemed like forever.

At first, the brilliance of Jesse Hahn and Odrisamer Despaigne softened the blow, and Tyson Ross has had a few dominant nights as well for the Padres pitching staff.  But Hahn has fatigued down the stretch in his rookie year, and Odie seems to have been figured out by the rest of the league.  Ross just lost a 2-1 battle with Clayton Kershaw, in which he pitched a complete game and lost on a two run homer by Padre killer Justin Turner.

In short, I am beyond excited that Cashner is back on the mound.

Am I getting my hopes up?  Am I destined for disappointment from a guy who hasn't stayed healthy a year in his career?  Probably.  But it's where I'm at.

I recently added this Cashner card to my collection.  It's yet another parallel to this year's Topps set.  To be honest, I'm not sure of the exact name for it, but it's kind of a gold foil and they're available when you complete the Topps Power Players set.  I scored this one off eBay for a decent price, and added it to my Cashner rainbow.

Oh, here's the back.  Kinda hard to see, but this one is numbered 75/75, which I thought was pretty cool.

Here's the rest of the aforementioned rainbow.

The green one was one that I pulled out of one of my first packs of this year's Topps, but the rest have all come via eBay.  I also recently picked up the orange parallel, in the bottom right, which is from the factory set and is serial numbered.

The rest of these are serial numbered as well.  I flipped the last one over, which is the clear acetate and is numbered to 10.

Enough parallels for ya?  The only other cards I've done stuff like this for have been Chris Denorfia cards, and since he was usually only included in the Update set, there were usually less of them, because that's how Update tends to be.

Anyways, I guess if you're going to make a comeback, you could do worse than starting off agains the Diamondbacks, one of the few teams with a worse record than the Padres.  But they lost to 'em last night, and Chase Field is a hitters park, so hopefully Cashner gets back on the horse and has a dominant outing.

Or at least stays healthy.  Really not sure if I can take another injury.


  1. Congrats on the impressive rainbow. I'm pretty happy to have gotten my first auto of his today. Looks like he had a decent outing in his return.

  2. I'm such a huge fan of Cashner as well.

    Like defgav said, that's an impressive rainbow, one I would like to replicate.

    Hey! If I can get my version together: A double rainbow!