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Thursday, August 14, 2014


Alright, we're in the thick of baseball season.  Playoff races are heating up, rookies are being called up, and it seems like there's a reason for lots of clubs to be optimistic, whether it be for this season or next.

My Padres are more likely on the "next season" part of that deal, though technically they are still in it and some delusional fans think they can make a push.  Don't see it happening, though they've got the best record in the NL since the All-Star break.  If they weren't flat out horrible in the first half, it'd be interesting.

Anyways, a big rookie that's gotten a lot of press lately is Javier Baez of the Cubs, but the Padres have their own prospect who has made his MLB debut: Rymer Liriano.  Baez seems to be crushing it in the majors, and through 9 games, he's got 4 homers, though he's also got 13 strikeouts.  Liriano wasn't a huge slugger in the minors, but he's definitely got the power, as evidenced in the video below.


After his first series (albeit against the Rockies), Rymer recorded both his first hit (infield single) and his first homer (2 run homer, yesterday in his third game).  He's the first prospect to make the club from the Padres Dominican Republic Academy and is reported to be a 5-tool talent.  Time will tell.

Used to be you had to wait until a player made it to the majors to be able to get some cards from him, but thanks to brands like Bowman, Heritage Minors, and Pro Debut, I've got almost a page worth of him already.  

I prefer the ones of him from his time with the Missions, rather than the airbrushed Padres uniforms.  I got this one from this year's Missions team set when I went there with my daughter, so I guess maybe I'm just a bit sentimental.  Some of those shiny Bowman ones look alright as well, so I guess if he turns out to be good, I'll be glad to have both.

Speaking of "both" (man, that's a weak segway), I got to watch The Both last night at the Mohawk in Austin, TX (I mentioned buying their album off iTunes for the trip home from vacation in my post on Monday).  The Mohawk is a great venue, and while the tickets were out of my regular price range, I won tickets on Facebook, so it didn't cost me a dime!  The phone on my camera is pretty crappy, but here's a picture from the second "balcony".  It's not a big place, but after being on the floor for the first half of their set, I tried to see if the view was better up above, and it was - not to mention a little breezier.  

The Both feature dueling vocals from Aimee Mann and Ted Leo.  While I hadn't heard of her before, I was informed that she was in 80's band 'Til Tuesday.  Since The Both have only put out one album, they mixed in a few songs from their previous bands, and this was their closer.  I feel like maybe I had heard it before, but I was born in '84, so '80s music isn't really in my wheelhouse.

The song before the closer was this one, "Bottled In Cork", off Ted Leo & The Pharmacists' most recent album The Brutalist Bricks, which came out in 2010.  Not my favorite song by them, but still pretty fun one.  This video was made mocking the band Green Day, who were once really "punk rock", but once they signed to a major label, changed their sound, and released a documentary and a Broadway play about themselves, lost a little bit of credibility.

Anyways, I've been on a big music kick lately, so this won't be the last time I slide a little music into my baseball card blog, but it won't be too much longer, if you're one of the ones who are getting sick of these.

Oh, I started this in the afternoon and since then, the Padres got jobbed by some horrible calls in their game against the Cardinals.  Lame.


  1. Green Day "lost a little bit of credibility"? That's being pretty generous to them!

  2. Voices Carry is a classic. Then again... I grew up in the 80's.