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Thursday, July 3, 2014

What's Good, San Antonio?

As many of you know, I am an elementary school teacher.  Being that it is July, summer school is finally over, and I have been enjoying my summer vacation for a little over a week now.

Now, you might think that this would be the cause for a major celebration, right?  Get out and have some adventures, travel the world, etc?  Well, you might be forgetting that I am a teacher, and while it pays the bills, I'm not exactly living in the lap of luxury, despite my increased amount of "free time".

Nope, just been hanging around the house, running errands, chipping away at the mountain of laundry in the garage, playing with the kids.  Don't get me wrong, it's been great, but not really moving the scale in terms of "excitement".

Well, it turns out that one of my errands that I'll be running for my wife today will take me to San Antonio!  When asking me if I'd be able/willing to go, I replied, "Well, if I can go to a Missions game, no problem!"

So, I'll be leaving this afternoon, heading south, picking up some stuff, and then heading to Wolfe Stadium in good old San Antone.  Not sure if I'll do anything else while I'm there, but it'll be nice to get out of the house and have some fun.  Or at least catch a game.

Speaking of baseball, I checked the San Antonio Missions current roster, and found out that I have a whopping TEN cards of current Missions players.  Not too shabby for a AA team.  What's more impressive to me is that I was able to find ten cards from completely different sets.  I started out with Cory Spangenberg, above, who gets the "headline" treatment because he signed some balls for me and my brother a few years ago in Spring Training.  Here are the other nine...

Only two of these players have seen MLB service time (Josh Geer and Rey Fuentes), and I sincerely doubt that my opinion of these players interests even the most die hard of Padre fans (let alone the rest of you), but here's my two cents on each guy, in two sentences or less:

Cory Spangenberg - Recovering from a concussion (which has been a recurring issue in his brief career), Spangenberg just came up from Low A Eugene, and is a light hitting infielder with some speed. I have five variations of this card because I'm stupid.

Leonel Campos - Campos is actually starting the game tomorrow, but it look like he started in AAA El Paso at the beginning of the year, and got sent down after posting a +11.00 ERA in 11 games (all out of the bullpen).  This card came to me from the Fantastic Catch blog, who went to a Fort Wayne Tin Caps game and hooked me up w/part of a team set.

Reymond Fuentes - If you didn't notice, this is a 2014 Topps card, so somebody was expecting Fuentes to play for San Diego this year.  It obviously isn't going well for him, but he does lead the team in batting average for guys with more than 100 ABs, so that's not horrible.  Ug, I'm going to go over my initial two sentence limit and say that the Adrian Gonzalez trade was horrible, in case you weren't already as painfully aware as I am.

Josh Geer - As one of the few who has been in the bigs, Geer is actually a cancer survivor, so he missed a few seasons of baseball.  This makes the card showing him as a Mission in 2008 a little more understandable.

Jason Hagerty - I know nothing about Jason Hagerty, other than that he is second on the team in homers with nine.

Austin Hedges - Hedges is supposedly the next big thing, as "guaranteed" as the Padres can get in terms of a prospect who will be making an impact at the big league level.  The card he's on is from this year's Bowman set, which is a mini showing that he is one of the Padres top five prospects.

Rymer Liriano - Another guy who is projected to make the big league club in a year or so, Liriano leads the team in homers, RBI, total bases, and steals.  He missed all of last season with Tommy John surgery (even though he's an outfielder), which is why he is shown on this '13 Heritage Minors card as a member of the Missions.

Adys Portillo - Portillo sports a sub-3.00 ERA, and is having a decent season.  This autographed card came my way via Padrographs.

Hunter Renfroe - Renfroe was the first pick of the Padres in the 2013 Draft, and is currently hitting ga disappointing .220 in his first ten games in AA.  He made the California League All-Star team (single-A), though, so hopefully his swing will get to be as beautiful as this card is, from last years' Bowman set.

Well, wish me luck!  Here's hoping that the Missions can have a great game and that the trip goes smoothly.


  1. You, me and Fuji are all teachers. I know there are a few more in the 'circle of bloggers' but I'm forgetting who they are. We should do a blog about blogging teachers. Or something.

    Anyway, enjoy San Antonio. Missions game are a good time (heck, all minor league games are for me). Up until recently we had a home there (we rent it out now) and I've spent plenty of time in the area.

  2. Jason Hagerty was drafted out of the University of Miami, where he played 1B and backed up Yasmani Grandal behind the plate.

  3. Hey I am going to another TinCaps game this year so don't be surprised if you see some more of those in your mailbox soon.

  4. The AA teamis loaded. We caught the AAA Chihuahuas when they came into Des Moines for a four-game set. They were pretty awful, losing 3 of the 4games by a whopping margin. We were able to see wunderkid Kris Bryant, a U.of California grad and ##2 overall pick play. Enjoy the Missions while you may.