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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Uncharted Land

I am a blogger.  I blog about cards.  Apparently, just collecting them is not enough, I have to share my feelings, opinions, etc. with everyone who will listen to me.  I guess I also branch out into tangential topics, like actual baseball, family/life stuff, and even music once in a while.

I understand that not everybody is like me, but I guess it's hard for me to empathize with other types of collectors.

However, in an effort to broaden my horizons, I've not only made trades with bloggers and readers that I've met through this blog, but I've also gone onto Zistle.com to make a few trades.  I've added cards via card shops, flea markets, garage sales, and eBay.

But I recently came across a forum on BlowoutCards.com, and I made a pretty inexpensive pick up from a guy who was selling.  Seems like a place for more high-end type stuff, but I was able to find some decent stuff for the price, starting with the "red, white, and blue" parallel of Jedd Gyorko from this year's Panini Prizm set.

Dude was a little light on Padres cards, but I found a few that struck my fancy.  Addison Reed is a San Diego State guy, and played for Coach Gwynn.  Though he's a DBack now, I don't mind adding a few of his cards to the collection.  Brian Bogusevic is a guy I've mentioned a few times before - watched him play in Round Rock when it was an Astros affiliate, and he hit a home run on my birthday.  This white bordered Goose Gossage card is pretty cool as well, and an image that I don't recall seeing before.

The main draw to the particular listing was a bunch of Bowman Hometown parallels that he had.  I was able to knock off three from my Lone Star State project.  Kind of nice to see a Ranger with the Texas flag backdrop.

As kind of a toss in, I added this card of Padres prospect Jordan Paroubeck.  I feel like I have a decent grip on the Padres minor league talent, but it seems like there's always a prospect or two that I suddenly see a card of and I say "who's that?"  It happened most recently with pitchers Matt Stites and Matt Wisler.  Stites was dealt to Arizona in the Ian Kennedy trade, and is currently in their bullpen, while Wisler has been promoted from AA to AAA this season, and many think will get a shot at Petco Park in September.  We'll see if Paroubeck, who is currently with the Arizona League Padres, has the same fortune.

Well, I kinda wandered outside my comfort zone of card pickups, but it turned out alright.  Not sure that I'll be back often, since I'm pretty sure nobody there has heard of Archi Cianfrocco or thinks that Kevin Kouzmanoff autographs are worth having, but good to know that it's there, I guess.


  1. Another collector directed me over to the Blowout forum because a seller had a super rare Jack Wilson card listed. I was freaking out that somebody would snag this awesome deal before my account got approved and I could post. Apparently I had little to worry about, since the thread was on page 5, buried under posts selling seemingly every player in the top 100 prospects, and I was able to easily snag my card.

    Love the red, white, and blue Prizm card.

  2. Blowout is a great place for bargains from time to time! You just have to sift through the thousands of sellers who do nothing but rip and list Bowman cards.