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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

South Side Takeover

A while back, I signed up to get some cards from Jeff over at 2 x 3 Heroes.  I said that my favorite team was (of course) the Padres, and that my second favorite team was the White Sox.  While it's really a stretch saying that I even have a second favorite team, the Sox are as good a candidate as any.  I lived there for two years as a missionary for my church, and went to a few games in '04 and '05, the year they won the World Series.

Regardless of team affiliation, how can you not love this Frank Thomas card from '92 Fleer?  Card is the bomb.

However, if we're going to talk about 90's White Sox, my favorite as a kid was Bobby Thigpen.  I'm pretty sure that it's because of him that I knew what a save was.  It wasn't one of these ones here (although they are all awesome, especially the cartoon one), but I remember getting a few cards of Thigpen's and saying, "Man, these are cool cards!  This guy must be awesome!"  I think I was right.

During that 2005 World Series run, however, Jermaine Dye was the man.  I bought my brother Sam and I White Sox shirseys, during that stretch; I got Paul Konerko's and he got Jermaine Dye's.  Konerko ended up being the ALCS MVP and Dye was the World Series MVP.  Anyways, these are pretty cool Jermaine Dye cards - the only other one I had of him was as a Braves rookie.

 Here's some horizontal goodness for y'all.  I think my favorite of this group would have to be the "Southside Sluggers", and it's tough to top '93 Upper Deck cards.  The one below that, from 2011 Topps, is also a great shot.  The other two are alright as well, as I'm a big Konerko and Buehrle fan (and Thomas and Quentin, to a much lesser extent).

Here's two more players that have quickly growing spots in my non-Padres binder.  Addison Reed now plays for the Diamondbacks (ugh), but he's a former San Diego State Aztec, and played for the late, great Tony Gwynn.  After Tony's passing, he and former teammate Stephen Strasburg gave up tobacco, which Tony believed led to his cancer.

Oh, and I'm not sure if you can really be a White Sox fan if you don't like Ozzie Guillen.  While not somebody that I'd probably spend a lot of one-on-one time with, I loved him as the manager of the White Sox.  And that '96 Topps card of Ozzie with the backhand is a good one.

I'm not really a fan of 2010 Topps, but these cards were more than welcome into their binders.  I remember hearing that Bobby Jenks had some off the field problems that followed him after he left Chicago, which bummed me out, since he was a big part of that '05 team that I loved so much.  Mark Kotsay is, conversely, a stand up guy and ended his career in San Diego.  Forgot that he even played for Chicago.  Oh, and the Buehrle card celebrating his place in White Sox history is great as well.

Alright, so I already had these two cards (along with the rest of the '91 Fleer set), but I just love showing these cards off.  

We'll go ahead and end on with a little miscellany: Vintage ('75 Topps), an oddball (Toys "R" Us), and a shiny mini card ('13 Bowman).  These were really cool to find, especially the Radinsky.

Thanks a lot, Jeff!  I'm pretty sure my collection of White Sox doubled after that sweet package.  Take care, and go Padres (and White Sox)!

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  1. I think the Fleer Pro Vision cards are probably my favorite inserts from the junk wax era. The Big Hurt card is awesome!