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Friday, July 11, 2014


Even though I've had more time on my hands since school got out, I've been pretty lax in posting.

How lame of me.

I mean, it's been great helping around the house and playing with the kids, but other than the 4th of July, it's not like I've done anything major that would keep me from posting.  In fact, I've had ample opportunity to do so, but have instead done other things.

I need to get back in the habit, so today, I'll finally finish off the third in a trilogy of posts about the goodness sent to me from Rod at Padrographs.  It'll feel good to scratch that "to do" off my imaginary list.

It wasn't all baseball cards.  Here's a game program from June of last year.  I don't love programs so much that I want to start a full on collection of them, but they are really cool.  I need to start grabbing more than just one when I go to games, so share with my fellow Friar bloggers.  If Trevor's on the cover, you know it's a keeper.

And if that wasn't enough, there's also a spotlight on my man Andrew Cashner!  For those who are having a hard time reading this one, I'll give you the highlights:
Cash is from Texas, and likes country music, Kevin Fowler, hunting, fishing, King of the Hill, Bass Pro Shop, the Houston Texans, the Dallas Mavericks, BBQ, his Chevy truck, thinks he would be a hunting guide if he wasn't a ballplayer, and his favorite player is Nolan Ryan (he wears #34).

Rod also sent some relic cards, which is awesome, since that is one of the weaker aspects of my collection.  Not that it needs to be a focal point, but always good to add new stuff.

Ever since rekindling my love for Kevin Kouzmanoff at the Opening Day for the Round Rock Express, I've been trying to track down more cards of the Mashin' Macedonian.  Dude has a lot of relic and auto cards.  Too many to start tracking them down one by one yet, but this was a very pleasant surprise, one of my favorite cards in the whole box.

Remember when Heath Bell was a Padre?  Me neither.  It seems so long ago.  I really feel for the guy, who's career has just been in a tailspin since the Padres let him go.  I remember thinking the Padres were stupid for letting him walk and then signing Huston Street for slightly more money.  I guess I was wrong about that one.

Speaking of former Padre pitchers, Jake Peavy is as good as they get.  You don't see too many cards of pitchers in batting helmets, much less relic cards.  But here it is.

Rod also sent some really cool postcards.  You can't tell how big these are here, but they're the standard postcard sized ones you'd find at a store.  Should've scanned the back, but these are great, featuring some of my favorite 90's players.  The Steve Finley was my favorite...

Which was slightly ahead of a sliding Chris Gomez and a catcher's geared Carlos Hernandez.  Makes me want to use these to write a note to send to my fellow Padres fans, but I'll resist the urge.  There were also some jumbo sized Gwynn cards which were awesome, but already got put away.

I'll go ahead and end with some cards.  

These Adrian Gonzalez and Chase Headley cards are awesome.  Shiny and serial numbered of the former Padre first baseman and the soon-to-be former Padres third baseman (if you believe the trade rumors, which I hope to be true, even though I think Chase is a great guy).

A trio of Hoffman cards, all from the Mother's Cookie releases.  I prefer the ones without the name plate (like the one on the left), but oddballs are oddballs, and these aren't easy to come by for cheap.

While I probably liked the Mother's Cookies Hoffman's ("Hoffmen?") better, these were the best of the "non-oddball" cards.  Both have some cool backdrops, as well aa good action shots to use.

Well, thanks a lot for reading, and thanks to Rod for sending so much great stuff.

Have a great Friday!  That still means something to most of you non-teachers, right?

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  1. Great call by the folks at Fleer to get him into the Wave of the Future set. And I agree about preferring the classic Mother's look. I love that profile of Cash; the team had him do a Q&A on their Twitter account a while back, and when I asked him if King of the Hill was an accurate representation of Texas, he assured me that it is "100%".