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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Farewell Huston

I've had all the photos for this post queued up and ready to go for when Huston Street was traded, and it just so happened that the deal was made to send him up the I-5 to Orange County.  The jump from being a Friar to an Angel is a big one (religiously speaking), and I'm sure it'll be nice for Huston to not lose all the time.

Huston Street spent two and a half years with the Padres, a decent amount of time by today's standards, and (though he was on the DL a few times) he was a good pitcher and a good guy and a good Padre.  He's also a Longhorn, which gives him bonus points in my book.

Let's take a look at the cardboard legacy left by Mr. Street, starting with the lone non-Topps card above.  A great picture to use when you don't have the license to use official MLB logos.  Well done Panini.

Street made it into all three Heritage sets.  Do you have a favorite here?  I think I'd have to go with the 2012 version, with the mountains and tree in the background.  Might just be the design.  Also like his head kind of popping out from the photo in the '13 set.

Well, I guess 2.5 years doesn't really net you a lot of cards, if you're a Padre.  Here are the three flagship cards from Street's tenure in San Diego (I'm not sure what happened with the card on the right, it isn't chopped up in real life, promise).  Not really a bad card to be seen, though I guess that the blue bordered '12 card might be the lesser of the bunch.  I also have the regular Opening Day card of the one in the middle, but decided not to scan it.

Well, there you have it: all of the Huston Street cards I have as a Padre.

The experts say that the Padres ripped off the Angels, nabbing three of their top prospects in a four for two trade.  I can't remember the last time a prospect (position player) that the Padres got in a trade panned out.  I guess Adrian Gonzalez?  Before that, I'm not sure it's ever happened.  Oh well, such is baseball.

Even though I don't like the Angels (too much Pujols/Hamilton/Wilson for me, though I love Trout and now Street), I'm glad he'll get a shot at the postseason now.  Best of luck Huston!

Oh, and how did the Padres fare in their first game without their All-Star closer?  Lost to the Mets 5-4 on a 9th inning single off the new closer.



  1. I was totally bummed by this trade... both as a Padres fan... and an A's fan.

  2. and as a Tigers fan, as I was hoping they might get Benoit back. I think he will do well as the closer despite that first game. I didn't understand not re-signing him, even though the fans hated him in part for just one pitch last fall.

  3. I was bummed by this trade as a Rockies fan simply because of the haul you all got. All we got when we traded him to you guys was a non-prospect AA pitcher that never made the bigs. And you did it without a freaking GM. How the Rockies front office continued to remain employed for the entire 21st century I will never know.

    1. Nice to know that Padres fans aren't the only ones who think that their front office is incompetent. Yeah, the returns for Street seem pretty starkly contrasted. I thought the Padres always "lost" all their trades?

  4. If he went from being a Padre to being an Angel, does that mean he died?

  5. I think Lindsey will be a utility infielder type. But Alvarez looks to be a solid back end of the bullpen type. The other two guys involved in the trade are lower in the systems, so who knows.