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Monday, July 21, 2014

Eventful Weekend

I'd have to say that the past week has been one of the most uneventful, dull weeks in recent memory.  Not that it's a bad thing, per se (better than having a really bad week), but to say that I've been bored would probably be an understatement.  I'm sure that once school begins, I'll be pining for these lazy summer days, but last week, I wouldn't have minded something to do (although I still need to get the lawn done, I guess).

However, yesterday was pretty eventful.  If you paid attention to the Padres game, you'll know that Cuban rookie Odrisamer Despaigne was four outs away from what would've been the first no-hitter in franchise history.  He ended up giving up a double to the Mets' Daniel Murphy, who scored on a David Wright single, which tied the game at one.

Even though I was really, really, really bummed about losing the no-hit bid, I was really worried that they might lose the game.

Fortunately, they won on the weakest infield single you'll ever see, hit by Seth Smith.  I personally think that it should've been ruled an error, because the pitcher fell down while moving to his left to pick up the chopper that Smith tipped to the right of the mound.  The play was still close, but Smith beat it by a step, and Cameron Maybin scored from third.  Glad to get the "W".

I got to watch a few at-bats with my daughter Harper, a three year old.  We bought her first baseball glove this week (alright, so maybe this week wasn't so boring), so she got excited about watching the pitcher try to throw it past the hitter.  She got really animated during an intentional walk, because the catcher caught it "every time".  The excitement only lasted until she got excited with something else, but I told her that "Goebbert" was the batter, and she explained to me that "Goebbert is my favorite Padre".  She always has to have a favorite, and I know that she had never heard of him, but it was cute that she said that.  Also, I just got this card of the young 1B/OF that the Padres got from the A's in exchange for Kyle Blanks.

However, the biggest event this weekend was also the saddest and most painful.

After breakfast, my son Foster was standing on a chair, and he caused it to fall over backwards.  He face planted on the tile, and knocked out both of his top front teeth.  As someone who is pretty bad at noticing details, I'll say that it's pretty hard not to notice that his smile isn't what it used to be.  He's a pretty tough kid, so aside from the initial shock (and blood), I think he handled it pretty well.  Still, as parents who are chiefly responsible for his safety, my wife and I feel pretty horrible about it.  Mostly because his permanent teeth won't grow until he's 6-8 years old, and he isn't even two yet.  It's hard to look at him and not be reminded of what happened.  I just wish I could go back in time and change it, kid deserves to have all his teeth.

Like I said though, things can always be worse, and we still thanked God at the end of the day for all of our blessings, which are many.

On a more positive note, the countdown is on for our trip back to San Diego.  I haven't been back since Christmas, so it'll be good to see family, eat good Mexican food, and go to the beach again.  Unfortunately, the Padres are out of town almost the entire duration of our trip there.  There is only one game that we'd be able to go to…

And we already got the tickets for it!  August 2nd, when they take on the Braves.  A little bummed, looking at the schedule, since (if the pitching rotation stays in the pattern they're on right now), it appears that we'll be seeing Ian Kennedy pitch for San Diego.  Nothing against Kennedy, but I was really hoping to see Despaigne or Jesse Hahn (or Andrew Cashner, but he's been injured, and I think he's still a ways from coming back).  Kennedy has been mentioned in trade rumors, so it might not work out that way, but either way, I think Despaigne and Hahn will have pitched previously when we go on Saturday evening.

Here is the view from the section we'll be sitting in.  I think we'll be at the front of the section, so we won't be this high up, but it's still pretty high up.  Regardless, it'll be fun to enjoy a game with my family and root on the Friars, glad we'll get to see a game, I haven't been for over two years (since 2012).

If there's time, I think we'll also be able to go to a Lake Elsinore Storm game, the Padres High A affiliate, a little more than an hour north of Petco.

Well, hope y'all had a great weekend, and that wether it was eventful or uneventful, that it was good.

Or at the very least, you had fewer ER visits than me (1).


  1. Sorry to hear about Foster, man. Poor guy! But, you know how little boys are. He'll probably be bragging about his lack of teeth in another week or two.

    The Mets are great at inventing ways to lose. I would've felt worse about the Edgin play, but the rate at which the Mets were scoring (or not scoring) runs, they woulda needed another 13 innings to plate the game-winner. Anyhow, congrats to your boys.

  2. Are you saying you named your son after George Foster or that you think of the Giants when you think of someone getting their teethed knocked out? Glad your son is ultimately okay, and that those were just baby teeth. I think it's virtually impossible to have a kid go through the growing up process completely unscratched, so you and your wife try not to beat yourselves up about it too much. Live and learn!

    1. Nah, sometimes when I post about Foster without adding pictures of him, I add Foster-related cards into the post. That happens to be my favorite Foster card. Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Talk about uneventful...have you checked out my blog recently! Ha! Seriously though A&G has me creeping back in ever so slowly. I'm still on fire for baseball, I just lack the funds and time that my blog requires. It's OK though as my wife just told me we are headed to Atlanta next month to not only catch a Braves game, but it's Zombie Walk nite at the park too! I'm so excited!

  4. Sorry to hear about Foster. This Christmas, you can play the song, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" for him. In all due seriousness, I envy you for the chance to go back to San Diego. Jan and I figured we won't be able to make it back for a visit until next year. I already have a friend trying to get us to buy property up near Rancho Benardo for when I retire. We usually like going in September for our anniversary.