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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Chipping Away...

I recently made a small purchase from JustCommons.com.  Third time I've done so, and the third time I've been a happy customer.  If you're not looking for anything fancy, this is a great place.  Only a few of these cards cost more than 30 cents.

When I go there, I usually start off checking for cards I want of players I collect.  Since I only have one card of Padres rookie Jesse Hahn, I decided to check for those first.  Above (though you can't tell) is a mini Bowman card from last year's set.

Here are two more Hahn's.  Look familiar?  Yep, three cards, three of the same images, which appear to be photoshopped from Hahn's college days as a Hokie at Virginia Tech.  What's weird is that the one that came out first is a Donruss card, while the latter are Bowman.

There weren't any Cashner, Gwynn, Denorfia, or Cianfrocco cards that I didn't already have (and I still can't find a card of Odrisamer Despaigne), so I went on to recent sets that I'm interested in.

These three '71 Minis from last year's Update set brought me to within one of completing the 50 card insert set, and I finally found a deal on the elusive Mike Trout card on eBay, so that's as good as finished.  Didn't think it would take so long, but I kept holding out for the cheapest deal I could find.  No regrets here. 

Since I've only opened a rack pack of this year's Archives (and of course, didn't pull anything worth keeping), I thought I'd try to find a few cards from that set that I could put into the binders.  No current players here, but a few former greats that I'm a big fan of.  I think the McCovey is my favorite of this batch, but I'll never turn down a new Gwynn card, and the Jim Palmer is great as well.

 Next, another ridiculous pursuit of mine.  I'm trying to get all 26 of this year's Bowman Hometown parallels that have the Texas flag on them.  Before this purchase, I only had three, but now that it's here, I'm up to eight.  I love Hunter Pence cards more than any self respecting Padre fan should.  I've got a bead on three more from Gavin at Baseball Card Breakdown, but am still less than half way there.  Help a blogger out if you've got any that I don't already have.

As I was trying to find as many more cheap cards as I could to qualify for free shipping, I remembered that there are always minor league cards that I have a hard time tracking down.  Team sets of Topps Pro Debut sell on eBay for about seven bucks or so, but I was able to put together six sevenths of the Padres-affiliated cards for less that $2.  Oh, before I get to that, I also snagged a card of Taylor Jungmann, a guy I rooted for when he was a Texas Longhorn.  Go Manatees!

 Alright, here are the Padres minor leaguers.  All but Max Fried play for the San Antonio Missions, though Jankowski is on the DL with a broken hand.  Max Fried just threw his first game since being for in Spring Training.  The one I was most excited about was Hunter Renfroe, who I missed at the last Missions game I went to because he had the flu.  Lame.  I still need the Zack Eflin card from this set.

Still needing a few more to get the free shipping, I snagged a few boring Padres cards, and then snagged these beauties.  I've been looking for these cards for a long time, which is probably something that has never been said about Topps Total.  The last Kris Foster card I bought from Just Commons turned out to be a Dodger (they don't have scans of the card, so I was alternating between my shopping cart and eBay images), and if there's a way to get a Dodger out of a binder, I'll do it.  This looks way better.  Simon Pond is a player who I've never heard of, but we do have one thing in common: our last name.  I'm not sure if we're related (though he does kind of remind me of my uncle Eric), but it's cool to see my name on a baseball card, even if it's just my last name.

Re-reading this post, it sounds like I should be getting paid by JC for how complimentary I am of them, but I can assure you I'm not (unless you want to change that, Mr. Just Commons Head CEO?).  It's not a fancy site in the least, but it's pretty easy to navigate, and the prices really can't be beat.

Go baseball!

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  1. Good stuff. I just sealed up a package for you this morning (you'll be getting a dupe of that Archives Gwynn) and plan to ship it out after work.