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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cardboard Amnesia

I've given up.  There are a few posts of bubble mailers sent to me by bloggers that arrived during the end of the school year that I've been meaning to post about, but I can't do them now.

It's already kicked in:

Cardboard Amnesia.

In a perfect world, when I get cards sent to me, I'd immediately sort them, scan them and write a post about them that same day.  This is rarely (if ever) the case, but it can still be salvaged if you wait just a day or two.

However, I am disorganized, and with the mailers that came to me during the hectic end of May/beginning of June timeframe, I would open it up, look at them, begin to sort them, then get taken away to do something else.

I'd come back days later and have cardboard amnesia, unable to remember what I had been doing and who these mysterious cards were from.  I couldn't tell which ones were new and which ones were from who.

Horrible, I know.

Well, not this time, Cardboard Amnesia!  I got a mailer from Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown yesterday, and dadgummit, I already got a post up today two days later!  

If I had cardboard amnesia, I might forget that, while I love the front of this Paul Konerko card seen above I kinda like the hitting instruction on the back of it.  Apparently Reggie Smith thought that Paulie had "the best swing since Tony Conigliaro".  High praise indeed.  Probably.

Gav got a big lot of 2014 Bowman from eBay, and I scanned the list of cards he got and claimed a handful of them.  These were the two Padres I claimed.  I really dig the ice parallel on the Kennedy card, and any Hunter Renfroe card is good in my book.  

To be honest, however, these were the cards I was really excited to get.  I've now got more than a whole page of the Texas flag parallels from Bowman, with a few more on the way from eBay.  Some big names left, including a guy named Clayton Kershaw, but Mark Appel is a big prospect too, so it's nice to get this one taken care of via trade instead of spending cash.  Didn't notice until now the slight differences between the prospect cards and the veteran cards.

Did I say that the Hometown parallels were the ones that I was most excited about getting?  That's because I knew that those were coming.  The best card, however, was one that I had no idea was coming along for the ride...

BOOM!  George Foster autograph!  From the 2003 Topps Retired set!  It came in this case, and while I'm normally a "binder" kinda guy, I kinda like it in this one.  Flawless is a word that comes to mind.  I'm considering making a good run at building my George Foster collection, branching out from my Padres umbrella.

Anyways, Gavin, I already told you, but thanks a lot.  Very cool of you to include that Foster, unbeknownst to me.  On the off chance that I have any readers who haven't been over there, you're missing out.  Unique take on cards, plus cool GIFs, etc.  I read a lot of card blogs, and if the title of any of the posts is good, you'll get me to click.  Baseball Card Breakdown gets a click regardless - it's a must read.


  1. I totally suffer from cardboard amnesia. These days, I try my best to leave the cards in the original envelope until I'm ready to write a post... but I'm not perfect.

    Btw... sweet Foster autograph.

  2. Glad you like the cards, and thanks for the kind words!

  3. Holy cow..."Cardboard Amnesia" was my original idea for a blog name/theme. It had a different idea behind it though. The sub-title was "Stuff I forgot I have" and the idea was that I'd pull random cards, etc. out of my boxes in the closet and blog whatever I found. Problem was it wasn't all that an original idea after all once I looked around and I also had doubts I could sustain it with junk wax era cards.

    btw.... the Foster card is great looking. Like that card for you sometimes I get a card in a case and it just seems best to leave it there.

  4. I've got a few stacks of cards that I have no idea who I got them from. I just hope I thanked whoever sent them to me.