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Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Very Tough Loss

This isn't a post about the Padres tough loss to the Dodgers last night (lost 1-0 on a walk off sac fly, which is the most "Padres" way to end a game).  It's also not the post I had planned to do on the lack of Padres in this year's Allen & Ginter set (4 cards out of 350), but don't worry, that will still get posted soon.

No, this is just a short blurb about Jean Segura, a player that I only know a little bit about on a team that I only know a little bit about.

Yesterday, the news broke that Segura was leaving Milwaukee and heading home to the Dominican Republic.  His son of nine months had just passed away.

So far, I haven't found any additional details, other than that it sounded like his son had been in a hospital.  No comments by Segura so far, but there have been interviews with Ron Roenicke (Brewers manager) and Carlos Gomez (Brewers outfielder), who both offer their condolences to their teammate and friend.

In a year when the Padres family has lost Jerry Coleman and Tony Gwynn, I still felt infinitely more sad for Segura.  Sure, Jerry and Tony meant a lot to me (and still do), but on paper, it really shouldn't be shocking that a guy who was turning 90 and a guy with cancer passed away.

But a nine month old?  As a parent of two (check my last post), I got a little teary eyed.  Having to find out via phone that your child died?  I don't know how I would've taken it, but it wouldn't have been well.  At all.

Now, I'm not sure why Segura's kid is so far away in the first place, and I could make some uninformed speculation that may or may not be accurate.  Regardless of the circumstances, a parent should never have to bury their child, and for that, my heart goes out to Segura and his family.  I pray that they may find comfort and deal with this loss, and that we may always remember how important our loved ones are and never take them for granted.

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