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Monday, June 9, 2014

This Card

Of the roughly 485 Tony Gwynn cards that I have in my collection (give or take a few), most of my favorites are from the 90's.  I can't help it, I guess, that's just the era I grew up in.

While I have an affinity for the cards that feature Mr. Padre in the blue and orange, I think that I'd have to say that this is one of my favorite all time cards of his.

1985 Topps All-Star #717
What a great looking card, huh?  Between the brown and gold uniform and the simple name plate, this card just works.  I guess I wish that I could expound further on the magnificence of this card, but words fail.

Anyways, I've been clearing out my trade box, and I'll be shipping out a few packages to some blogging buddies of mine in the next few days (summer school finishes up earlier than school during the regular year, so it's not difficult to get to the post office before 4:30, when it closes).  I happen to have an extra of this card, and I wanted to make sure that this one in particular goes to somebody who wants it.  I figured that if any Padre card might appeal to a non-Padre fan, it might be this one.  I guess it's from '85, so it's not like it's "vintage" or anything, but still, might be worth having to someone.

If you'd like it, I can PWE it to ya for nothing, just say that you want it in the comments.  Tomorrow, I'll also be posting a bunch of vintage Padre dupes that I have, which will also be up for grabs on a first come/first serve basis.

Teachers do their spring cleaning in the summer, I guess.

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  1. I already have it, so don't send it to me - just wanted to chime in and say yes, that is also one of my favorite Gwynn's. Aesthetically it is even better than his rookie.