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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Thanks, You Guys Are The Best

I had planned on doing my Top 10 Favorite Tony Gwynn cards post for today, but my internet hasn't been cooperative this weekend, so just a brief post today.

As I was digging around and really looking at as many Gwynn cards as I could, I came to the relic section of my collection (located in the Rad binder) and admired each of the four relic cards of Mr. Padre that I have.  While I'm not as big on relic cards as some, having some from a favorite player is pretty cool, especially a Hall of Famer and all-time legend like Tony.

Then it hit me: All of these cards came from other bloggers.

I'm pretty sure that technically, they call came via trade, but I have to think (and I'm pretty sure that I'm remembering correctly) that the trades were more than a little slanted in my favor.  I remember specifically where three of these four cards came from, but can't remember the fourth, so I don't want to name names, but if you were one of the beautiful people who sent me one of these cards, trust me, you're the one I remember, it's that other guy that I forgot about.

I've made the joke before that, being the beefy guy that Tony was towards the end of his career, I wonder if his jersey relics are less scarce because you could make so many cards out of them.  Well, I don't know if you've checked out eBay lately, but Gwynn-related items are seriously selling for crazy figures right now, so any talk of there being a surplus is falling on deaf wallets.

One thing that I've made a conscious effort in the past few years is to not buy Gwynn cards online.  There are a few reasons for this.  1) There are so many Gwynn's out there, it's not like I'm "close to finishing it" so I can just knuckle down and binge spend to get "that elusive card".  2) He is easily the most received player in trade packages I get.  Not complaining there, but I'd rather see if it arrives from a friend than having to spend money to get it. 3) I'm pretty cheap, and finding cheap autos of Archi Cianfrocco or serial numbered parallels of Andrew Cashner is easier than finding cheap Gwynn cards that I don't already have.

Anyways, back up to the cards.  All of these look pretty good in my book, though I think i might give the slight edge to the Panini card on the far left.  Sure it's a "logo less card", but it's pretty classy looking in my book.  The Gypsy Queen in the middle looks sharp as well, really dig the black borders.  Heck, the other two aren't bad either.  Hard to make a bad Gwynn card.

It goes without saying that I wouldn't own any of these cards were it not for the generosity of my fellow bloggers.  Thanks again for making my collection pretty awesome.  You guys rock.

EDIT: After searching through my archives, I found out who that fourth person was.  Special thanks to Brad, Brian, Judson, and Roy-Z.


  1. That Panini one is pretty awesome, one great dude must've sent it to you!

    1. This is true. To be honest, I knew that the Panini one was from you, the Gypsy Queen was from Judson at My Cardboard Habit, and the one on the bottom is from Brian at Play At The Plate. Tried looking through posts for a bit to see who the one on the far right is from, but I gave up before I finished the post. Finished it this morning and it was from Roy-Z over at Plain Gray Swatch - can't believe I forgot! I'll update it now.