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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Only Autos

Yesterday, I got a big, huge box from Rod at Padrographs.  He had emailed me a while back and said that he had some stuff to send me.  Boy, he wasn't lying!  I'll break down what he sent in a few posts, but this one will showcase some of the cool autographs he sent.  Here are the top 30, which was maybe about a third of the autographed cards he sent.

My favorite was the one above, an oddball Andy Benes card from a baseball card magazine.  It wasn't the first Benes card he's sent me, and it wasn't the last in the package either.

 Here's three more of the ace of the early 90s Padre rotation.  Benes led the league in strikeouts in 1994, with 189, which was also his career high.  He is second on the Padres franchise list for strikeouts, only behind Jake Peavy, and is sixth in wins.  He was one of the first Padres that I was aware of, due to the chants of an over exuberant Padres fan at the first game I remember going to.

While there were a lot of "random" players that were sent my way, there were also a few players that had multiple cards.  Former Friar backstops Mark Parent and Sandy Alomar Jr. fell into that category.  Gotta say, I think Sandy's got a pretty smooth signature.  I mean, I wouldn't know that it said "Sandy Alomar" unless you told me, but that's how it goes for most signatures, including Parent's. 

Here are some minor league gems that I loved.  The Ben Davis on the bottom is a "certified" auto, but the rest are "in person"- type autos.  The Raul Casanova is a cool pickup, since I recently came into a game used jersey of his (well, Spring Training-used, he never played with the Padres).  Adys Portillo is still rising through the Padres minor league system, but I like the Casey Burns card better since it's of the Idaho Falls Chiefs.  I went to college in Rexburg, Idaho, about a half hour away from Idaho Falls.  The team is called the Chukars now, which is a type of bird.  Never went to any games there, which is a bummer, since I don't plan on living there ever again.

With the last batch of autographs that Rod sent me, I now have a full page of autographed Padres (and one Giant) from the 1990 Donruss set.  I'm a big fan of the similarly-designed "Baseball's Best" set from 1990, whose main difference is that it is blue-bordered instead of red.  These look good together.

Here's a few of my other favorites that I didn't know how to group together, so I just put 'em all in the same scan.  Not sure what to say about all of these, but I sure do like 'em.

Of all of the cards Rod sent, this was one of the most rare.  I scanned the front and the back, and if you're a baseball card aficionado, you'll know that 1) Darcy Fast didn't have his own card in the 1972 set (he was on a multi-player card with Derrel Thomas and Mike Ivie), and 2) The back of this card is not something that you'll see out of a pack from Walmart.  This is a custom made collaboration with Padrographs and Punk Rock Paint.  A pretty awesome one at that.

I appreciated the card even more when I realized that Darcy Fast never even played for the Padres.  His MLB career lasted 8 games that he played with the Cubs in 1968.  A custom card, a "zero-year" card, and an autograph?  Pretty good trifecta.

Thanks again Rod.  As per usual, all the stuff you sent was awesome.  This was really just the tip of the iceberg, there's so much more.  Hopefully I can get Round 2 up here soon.

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  1. Awesome autos! I had never heard of Darcy Fast until today... but that collaboration piece is awesome!