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Friday, June 20, 2014

Not Gwynn Cards

Alright, no Tony Gwynn cards for today.

Nope.  Not gonna do it.

Instead, here are four random cards from my collection, none of which are Gwynn cards, or even Padre cards for that matter.

First up, good old Bill Doran.  Something you probably don't know about good old Bill Doran.  He has over 1,300 hits.  Not too shabby for a middle infielder who spent time on three teams.  He didn't miss a game in 1987, and the year before that, he led the league in steals.  Oh, sorry, that's caught stealing.  Did it 19 times.

Next, we have workhorse Dave Mlicki.  Despite having a last name that looks like a birth certificate typo, he still managed to throw over 119 innings in six different seasons.  He also pitched in the first ever non-exhibition Mets/Yankees game, and pitched a complete game shutout.  

If you know me, you'll know that my least favorite team is the Dodgers (who are playing against my beloved Padres this weekend.  So why do I even have this card?  Well, I guess it might just be the palm tree lurking in the background of good old Jack Murphy Stadium.  Or maybe it's because I just like saying the name "Gagne".

Last but not least, here's the oldest card of the bunch, one of those "Team Leaders" cards from 1989 Topps.  It's the Pirates.  I think the guy with the glove on is… um… well, if you know who it is, lemme know in the comments, I guess I just like… uh… the fuzzy outline that borders the picture of this card?

Sorry, I guess I'm just in a "random" type mood (ug, normally a word that I hate using), but here are a few other pictures that I'll post.

Look at this cool boat.

Here's a neat looking building.  More palm trees.

I guess since this is a blog that focuses on baseball, here's a shot of a baseball field.

There, I made it through a whole post without mentioning Tony Gwynn.  In honor of this moment, I'll go ahead and do a post on Tony Gwynn tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.