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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

In The Meantime...

Well, after going on a brief Tony Gwynn binge, I'm back to some posts about other cards and players that I've picked up in the past few weeks.  I've been on a sort of hiatus from trading recently, as finances and inability to get to the post office before it closes have made it difficult, but hopefully today I should be having a bunch of mailers and PWEs in the mail.  We'll see how the day shakes down.

Anyways, even though this is a Gwynn-free post, there are a lot of familiar faces here, if you've read this blog for any amount of time…

Starting off with The Colonel, Jerry Coleman.  This is from the 1991 Swell Baseball Greats set.  One of the newer Coleman's that I have, but for just over a buck, shipped, I had to pick it up.  Great shot of the second baseman, and the yellow and red border make it seem a little more "oddball-y" than it probably is.  Always good to add to the Coleman collection.

I suppose if you had to go to the opposite end of the spectrum from a junk wax-era card of a Hall of Famer (broadcasting) with a black and white photo, it'd probably be a shiny new card with lots of sparkles of a player who is in AA ball.  Well, that's what you have here with Hunter Renfroe, one of the Padres hottest hitting prospects.  While I admittedly know pretty little about Renfroe, he pretty much killed at single-A Lake Elsinore and recently got promoted to AA San Antonio.  Hopefully I can make it down in the next few months and see him in action.

Here's a video of him hitting a car with his first home run after being called up to AA.  Got out of there quickly.

Next up, a pretty cool autographed card of new Padres starting pitcher Jesse Hahn.  Hahn came over from the Rays (that is a Rays jersey he's wearing there, though the similarities to the current Padres uniforms are pretty strong) in the "Logan Forsythe" trade this past offseason.  He was a one-time big prospect, but underwent Tommy John surgery in college and was looked at as a question mark.  Well, in three starts, he's 2-1 with a 2.16 ERA (16.2 IP) with 19 strikeouts.  If there's one thing that I've been used to in my time as a Padre fan, it's been watching good pitching.  He's starting today against the Giants, so here's hoping he can get win number 3.

Oh, and if he keeps doing well, I can keep hearing clever word play about Han Solo.

Speaking of new Padre pitchers, last night was the major league debut for the newest of Padres…

Odrisamer Despaigne.  Pronounced Oh-DREE-sam-err Des-PAN-yay, Odie, as I call him, dominated the Giants in his MLB debut last night, allowing 0 runs on four hits in seven innings.  Only one strikeout, but he has a bunch of pitches from a bunch of different arm angles, and it was fun to watch.  With new pitchers, it seems like until hitters have seen you a couple of times, you can get by, but once they've got tape on you, you have to adjust or pay the price.  Since Odie came from AAA El Paso with a ERA over 7.00, I'm sure that he won't be hurling shutouts every time he pitches, but hopefully what we saw last night was the start of something awesome.

Oh, for what it's worth, Odie is a Cuban defector who the Padres signed for $1 million towards the beginning of the season.  Cubans, man.

Well, the reason that Despaigne was brought up at all was because the ace of the staff and my favorite player on the team, Andrew Cashner, was put on the 15 day DL due to some soreness in the cannon that is attached to his shoulder.  Hoping that it's nothing serious, but I'm beginning to worry about my guy (or as my family has taken to calling him, my "man-crush").

Anyways, I've been finding cheap Cashner cards all over the place, and the best one I've landed has been this one.

Turns out that Cash has a bunch of autographed cards from his Cubs days, and while I'm not in a total "grab them all" phase for his Cubs stuff, when it's only a few bucks, and it's an on-card auto, it's tough to pass up.  When it's a cheap card of him in a Padre uniform?  Well...

it's a little harder to pass up.  I certainly didn't intend to start collecting the Cashner Bowman rainbow, but I already have six of the cards, so only three more to a whole page.  I guess that'd be cool.

While I love Cashner (the reasons are many and varied), one of the reason I want him to succeed so badly is that I don't want to think that the Padres traded Anthony Rizzo to the Cubs for nothing.  While trading an everyday player for a once-every-five-games player is always tough to compare, if Cashner is healthy, I think it's a pretty break even point.  If not, though, it's a tough pill to swallow, since the first base situation for the Padres is currently Yonder Alonso and Tommy Medica.

Who is to blame for this?  Well, I thought that Alonso, Grandal, Volquez, and Boxberger for Mat Latos  was a bad at first, but after giving it a few months to sink it, I really liked it.  Now I've re-changed my mind, not so much liking it now, since Alonso is a bust and Grandal is streaky at best.

The person who made that deal and many others was Josh Byrnes.  While I don't think he's done a great job, I think I'm realistic in saying that I didn't think the Padres were going to make the playoffs this year.  But the expectations were high, and with the team underperforming, he got the ax on Sunday.  While that might've been a little premature (less than 2.5 seasons as GM), the Padres horrific start had a lot to do with it.  I've had this card for a while, but I figured that this was an opportune time to show it again.

Well, there's a bunch of cards that I've added to my collection recently.  Thanks for reading

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  1. That Coleman is swell! Gotta track one down for my Padres binder.