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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hundles & Blanksy

The longest tenured Padre on the roster is Tim Stauffer.  A former 1st round pick (2003 Draft), being a once-in-a-while starter and usually-long-relief guy in the bullpen isn't quite a "face of the franchise" type-guy.

While Nick Hundley and Kyle Blanks aren't "face of the franchise" type guys, both of them were pretty recognizable names in the Padres organization for a while.  Both came to the Padres in the 2005 Draft; Hundley was a 2nd round pick, while Blanks came to the Padres in the 42nd round.

One other thing that they have in common is that they are no  longer Padres.  Both were dealt to American League teams in the past month: Hundles to Baltimore for a left handed reliever who doesn't seem to be very good (although Petco Park has a way of turning average relievers into superheroes), and Blanksy went to Oakland for a fringe outfield prospect and a pitcher in A ball who seems to have potential.  The Padres have won the last few trades with the A's (getting Tyson Ross and Seth Smith for Andrew Werner, Andy Parrino, and Luke Gregerson), so I don't mind rolling the dice with Oakland again.

So, the question for today is, with their Padres days behind them (barring any Xavier Nady-like return),  who left a greater cardboard legacy in the Backstop Cards archives: Hundley or Blanks?

To answer this question, we won't be looking at sheer quantity (Blanks cards outnumber Hundley cards by a score of 21-15), but rather quality.  We'll look at each of their best cards in each of the binders that their cards can be found in.


Round 1: The Miscellaneous Padres Binder
A pair of black bordered beauties here.  A little disappointed that my scanner didn't pick up the X-fractor shine from Blanks' Bowman card.  It is pretty rad.  While I'm not really a fan of the 2011 Heritage design, the black border looks pretty cool as well, but I'll have to give the nod here to Blanks.  I'll take me some shiny.

Blanksy - 1, Hundles - 0

Round 2: Team Set Binder
Alright, both of these are culled from the 2012 Topps team set that I have accumulated.  Unlike the 2013 and 2014 team sets, where I have collected/am collecting just one type of parallel (emerald and yellow), my '11 and '12 sets are a jumble of all of the parallels combined.  While I'm not a huge fan of the gold shiny cards, Hundley has a pretty good card here, high giving the rest of the team after a Sunday afternoon win in the digital camo uniforms.  Unfortunately, he runs into the juggernaut that is "The 88 Train".  Regardless of the froofy purple border around this one, Blanks' shot is right out of "The Natural".  Sun shining through the stadium concourse, a hulking 6'6" beast of a man heading to the plate, this is a tough one, but the edge goes to the big man.

Blanksy - 2, Hundles - 0

Round 3: Rad Binder
Ah, I was hoping that Nick wouldn't get skunked, but going up against a printing plate is a tough matchup, even if Nick is rocking the catchers gear and the sand colored uniforms.  Not only is it a printing plate, which I really like, but it's of a pretty slick looking shot again, this time of Big Kyle most likely sending one into orbit.  Kyle gets the sweep, and is forever remembered in the annals of Backstop Cards.

Blanksy - 3, Hundles - 0

How's that victory taste, Kyle?

True professional, acting like he's been there before.  Calm, cool, collected.

Best of luck to both former Friars, as I really hope they can catch a break and do some good on their teams.  You could do a whole lot worse being sent away from the Padres, and the A's and O's are some above average landing spots.


  1. No play on words for the shutout?

    "Hundley Got Blanks-ed"

    "Blanks Blanks Hundley"

    1. Wow, you're right. Missed opportunity there. Unacceptable.