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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Día de los Padres

So, it's late on Father's Day, but I figure that it's better late than never, right?

I had a pretty good Father's Day, thanks for asking.  Didn't really do a whole lot.  Had French toast for breakfast, went to church, came home and played with the kids in the kiddie pool we just got from Sam's Club.  The meal my wife planned didn't turn out how we had hoped, which bummed her out more than it did me.  It was the thought that counted.

Anyways, this is my third Father's Day on the blog, so I thought I'd show my three favorite cards from my "Kids on Cards" mini-collection.  It really is a "mini" collection, since I only have 12, so if you've got any that you can spare, send 'em on down my way.

3) Bob Welch, 1992 Upper Deck
I'm not positive, but I think this is the first card I ever saw with someone's kid on it.  Always thought it was cool, and this is the actual card that I had from when I was a kid.  Kept it with me the whole time.  I also used it in my second ever post on this blog.  Also a timely card to use, since Bob Welch passed away recently.  I've never really known much about him, but I found out via twitter that on his '91 Studio card, he listed his interests as "his children".  Sounds like a pretty classy guy, and chances are he was a pretty good dad.  Love this card.

2) Sandy Alomar, 1992 Triple Play
This is also one that I've had since I pulled it from a pack as a kid, and another one that I used on that second ever blog post.  This is the most action that you'll see from the "Cards with Kids" collection.  Also great to see the kid's in a uniform and has the eyeblack with the helmet.  The red in the uniform even matches the bat color and the border of the card.  It's hard to top this.

1) Trevor Hoffman, 2000 Fleer Ultra
I can't remember how I acquired this one, but I feel like it was probably via trade.  At any rate, this one is my all time favorite from the "Cards with Kids" collection.  First of all, it's a Padre and a Hall of Famer (ok, sorry, I keep forgetting that Hoffman isn't in the hall yet, but he's got an award named after him, so I gotta think that'll be happening), plus the kid is rocking the uniform as well.  Between Trevor's expression and the classic method of transporting a kid without holding them in your arms, and you have a great, great card.

Happy Father's Day to everyone that is a father, everyone who has a father, and those who are/have father-figures in their lives.  Family is the most important thing there is, and the world needs more good parents.

Like mine.  He's not the tough guy he appears to be here, trust me.  I'm not sure if we have more similarities or differences, but I know that our similarities are all of the things that are most important to my life.  He loves his family, serves God, and taught me most of what I know about baseball.

Gotta think that his WARD (Wins Above Replacement Dads) is pretty high.

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  1. Never saw that Hoffman before. Great cards!