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Saturday, June 7, 2014


I'm probably not the most spontaneous person in the world.  I suppose that having a regular job, a family, and living an hour and a half away from anything worth doing will do that to you.  While this doesn't necessarily thrill me, it doesn't bother me like it may others.

I like having things be pretty consistent.  Usually.

This week has been anything but consistent.  My wife had planned on taking our kids to California this week to see their cousins, but right before she left, we thought that my son, Foster, was coming down with something.  Not wanting him to get our nieces and nephews sick as well (one of them is a newborn), we decided to have him stay here.

I'll just go ahead and say right now that I am so glad that I am not a single parent.

Don't get me wrong, it's been fun to hang out more with the little guy.  We've been able to bond a little more than we normally do, which has been great.  Still, it's been a big adjustment.

Since I've still had to go to work, I've had to drop Foster off with a family who just had the same bug (that way, their kids didn't have to worry about getting sick as well).  They live about 25 minutes in the opposite direction of my school, and having to be at school at 7:15 means that I've been having to get ready a little bit earlier than normal.  And there's a big difference between getting myself ready and getting myself and an 18 month old ready.  It takes a lot longer.

It's not that I think that what I've had to do is really that difficult, but it's not my normal routine.  I haven't had the chance to have it be something that I consistently do, so it's not as automatic as I'd like.

To celebrate the end of this inconsistent week, the Padres will have my favorite player on the mound, fresh off a month-long DL stint.  Fittingly, this card came in the mail today as well...

I already deemed the "Hometown" parallel of this same card as my frontrunner for card of the year a few posts ago, but this one still looks good.  While I'm not a fan of all of the different colored borders seeping their way into the Bowman sets, some of these parallels are really good.  This is one of them.  Cost a buck forty as well.  Can't beat that.

In trying to keep Cashner from doing too much in his first start back, he probably won't throw more than 90 pitches, but hopefully it's enough to remind Padre fans why we all love him so much.  He's had some incredible outings (like one-hitting the Tigers earlier this year), but hasn't been as solid as I expected.  The whole team has flopped since he left, and they were pretty bad before that as well.  Seriously, they have as many wins as the Astros.  Something needs to change.

I suppose that in a post about consistency, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that the Padres are a pretty consistent team: consistently bad.  Also, one of the reasons why they are hesitant to bring back the brown (the original color scheme of the MLB Padres, and, um… the actual colors that friars wear) is because they want to be consistent.


So I guess not all consistency is good.

Let's go Cash!  Give me a reason to believe in this team!

If only for a night.

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