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Saturday, June 14, 2014

2014 Archives

There have been times where I've counted myself among the lucky ones who is one of the first to be able to check out new card releases.  This hasn't seemed to be the case, lately, especially with the Archives set.

Well, yesterday was the first time that I actually found some, so I picked up a rack pack.  Here's a good picture of the wrapper, before diving into my review.

Well, that's the only picture you'll see of what I picked up yesterday.  The pack was complete garbage, won't be keeping any of them, hopefully somebody is working on putting this set together and can use them.

If you haven't seen any reviews of the set, I'm not sure where you've been (unless you're my mom, in which case, "Hi Mom!").  I will say that I'm a fan of the original sets they used for this year's Archives. I'm a big fan of the '73 set, and '86 isn't too bad either.  '89 is pretty blah for me, but I can still appreciate it and don't mind seeing it included.  The design from 1980 doesn't really move the needle for me, not sure why it's being used (again).

Anyways, yeah, I only got base cards of guys that I'm not interested in, and one that was a pretty lousy insert.  Nothing worth mentioning any further in detail.

While this isn't really an indictment on the set (though it's not as great as it could be, by a long shot), I guess this is why I so rarely buy packs.

Most of the cards I really want aren't that expensive, and I'm not trying to put the set together, so picking up cheap singles is usually the way to go.  There's only one Padre (Tony Gwynn) in the set, so that shouldn't be too hard to get, though I'll see if it arrives in any trade/charity packages rather than buy it on eBay.

Speaking of cheap singles, here is (in this blogger's opinion) the best card in this year's Archives set:

Bip Roberts has an autographed card?  Awesome!

On eBay, I rarely make any purchases above $5.  Gotta set my boundaries (cards are nonessentials, at least according to most people, so don't want to break the bank).   I bid on probably about a dozen of the Bip autos until one finally fell below the $5 threshold (including shipping).

Gotta say, I really like this card.  The '90 design is perfect for Bip, who had a pretty good card in that set if I remember correctly, and there weren't many who were more beloved by the fans than Bip (well, besides you-know-who).  Definitely a Fan Favorite.

I know it's a small thing, but some of the autographed copies I saw looked like the signatures were rushed, so I was glad to get one that looks pretty clean.

Here's the back.  Lots of stats, I know, so that's why I made it big.  Did you know that Bip Roberts is second on the Padres in career batting average?  Almost 40 points behind Tony Gwynn, but still, not too bad for a guy named Leon.

Well, it would've been really cool to have pulled this autograph from that rack pack that I got, but it wasn't to be, and that's alright.

Will I be buying any more Archives?  Probably not.  I have a few cards on the want list (stoked to see that Goose Gossage made it into the set again), but nothing so hard to find that buying packs is really worth it.

I also found some Topps Series 2 on the same day I finally tracked down Archives, so look for that soon, I guess.  It'll be more interesting than this post (though only slightly).


  1. Love that Bip.. perhaps a little too much.. I've pretty much completed the rainbow. I'll post about it (with a Flip The Bip contest, too!) soon. There's an error on the card, btw.. upper right.. says he was drafted in 1992, but of course it was 1982. I also have an extra Gwynn I'd be happy to send you if nobody beats me to it.

  2. Haven't seen these yet. If you got any Sox I'll take them off your hands