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Friday, May 2, 2014

There Will Be Blood

When I first started this blog, I had good old Nolan Ryan as part of my Player Collection.  My grandpa was raised in Texas, and he was a big contributor to my baseball card collection as a kid.  He has an autographed Ryan baseball above his computer, and he even though he was getting up there in years when I was still a kid, he was still a big deal.

I have since removed him, since the focus has turned more (almost exclusively so) to the Padres and their players.  Too many Nolan's to chase, so little time.

Anyways, I've trimmed it down to a few of my favorites.  This is easily my favorite Nolan Ryan card.  I will probably never own his rookie card (though I'll never say never), and his '71 card is, of course, awesome as well, but I think that even if I did have those in the binders, this still might be the #1.

After taking a shot to the face of the bat of Bo Jackson, he wiped off the blood and kept pitching.

This is the bloodiest card that I have in my collection.  I don't really know of any other baseball cards that have a bleeding player on them (please let me know if there are any).

The reason I'm showing this card is the reason that there was no post yesterday: my son, Foster, had a couple of trips to Urgent Care to glue up his chin.  He was crawling around on some toys and took a spill onto the hardwood floor chin first.  Nice little gash.

He took it like a champ, and was even back to playing around with his sister before he got the glue.  He got put back together in the afternoon, but after getting him dressed for bed, we saw that it was starting to gape open again, so we took him back down to seal it up for good.

Fozzie is a pretty sensitive kid, and a stern look or voice can get him upset pretty easily.  But I think the little dude's got some of that Nolan Ryan physical toughness in him.

You know, as far as 17 month-olds go.


  1. Your son has some excellent character traits. Can't go wrong with a little sensitivity and physical toughness. And sounds like his pops is a pretty smart guy. How can I tell? He chose the San Diego Padres over The Ryan Express.

  2. That card is awesome.
    My Ryan autographed baseball was my first "major" purchased collectable.

    Glad to hear your son bounced back quickly. I certainly don't miss the days of running to the local urgent care (2 boys). It seems Big Fozzie's made of the same rubber as all boys :)

  3. Hope your little guy is doing okay, Marcus. By the way, I love the nickname of "Fozzie"!

  4. The "blood 'n bling" Ryan card...nothing like this one in the baseball galaxy, far as I know (we might want to consult Dimebox Nick, however).

    Like the rest of the crew, I hope your little guy, "Fozzie," is battling back and tearing through the house and toys again after a bit of rest and recuperation...poor little guy.

    Great post, Marcus. I really appreciate the way you work in the family lineage.