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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mini Update

I have yet to buy any packs of Gypsy Queen (trying to make it two years in a row), but I have been tempted to splurge on some of the new Bowman stuff.  Not a whole lot in terms of Padres, but I haven't really busted any packs since Heritage came out.

But, I'm trying to fight the urge and save money, so the most I've done in the card accumulation category has been sniping some cheap Padres off eBay.  To go along with my mini-budget, here are the mini cards I've picked up.

Here are three of the Gypsy Queen mini parallels.  Still don't have the mini base version, but I'm not too worried about tracking that one down… eventually.  Of course, being minis, storing them is always a problem, but together, these look pretty sharp.  Especially love the sepia tone, I'm a sucker for that.

Here are the backs of the cards above.  The serial numbers are printed in the top right hand corner, and you see that the sepia is #/50, the red is #/99, and the black is #/199.  The black back is definitely cool looking, and that it's #003 in the set is neat as well.

Next up, a pair of the aforementioned Bowman cards.  Not a whole lot that I'm interested in when it comes to the Bowman set, but I do really like the Prospect Minis.

Not a great photo here, but that's what you get when they're so shiny.  Rymer Liriano and Matt Wisler seem like a pair of pretty legit prospects.  Both started off the season at AA San Antonio, and both have been dominating the whole season (small sample size notwithstanding).  Wisler was recently bumped up to AAA El Paso, but hasn't had the same kind of success, but he's still young, and talk is that he'll most likely get a late season call up this year.

I already have the other 3/5ths of the Padres Prospect Minis on the way from eBay.  Was able to get all of them for an average of $1.20 each, shipped.

Alright, enough of this "mini" crap.  Next post will be about bigger stuff.

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