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Friday, May 16, 2014

Diversity Day?

I got a PWE the other day from Johnny's Trading Spot.  Always a welcome occurrence.  He has sent me plenty of great Padres since we started exchanging cards.  However, in this particular offering, there was nothing in terms of Padres to be had.

In fact, most of the cards weren't even of the baseball variety!  What in the name of all that is good and decent is this?

Well, it turns out that after receiving a few "Foster" cards that were of the hockey variety, I have now expanded into football as well.  This Arian Foster card was the sharpest looking of the bunch.  Living in Texas, I've been toying with the idea of getting my son Foster a Texans jersey of Arian Foster's.  Might be kinda cool, even though we're not really football fans.

 Here are the rest of the "football" cards.  I guess people like this sport, for whatever reason.  DeShaun Foster is another running back, and all of his cards are from his days with the Carolina Panthers (I have no idea if he played for any other teams, or if he is still with the team.  This is a stat I'm not going to look up).

Like I said, even though I'm not a football fan, I guess it's kinda cool to have the Foster Collection get a little diversity.  Now to see if there are any Foster's in basketball, I guess.

Not to fear, John also included a few Foster cards from our nation's pastime.

I really like the Steve Foster card.  A night card of a "Rated Rookie" signing a ball for a fan.  I'm sure there's a few bloggers that have mini collection that could appreciate this one.  Man, I remember as a kid, I had stacks and stacks of '92 Donruss.  Didn't really like it that much, I just think it was cheap, so it's what I could afford.  I also already have the mini version of the '75 Topps Leo Foster, but now I have the big brother to go along with it.  Nice.  Digging those Braves uniforms.

We'll close it out with my favorite card of the bunch.  Here's the back of Kevin Foster's, um… well, I liked the back so much that I forgot what the front looked like, and therefore what brand of card this is. It's from 1996, so I'll let you cardboard experts figure it out.  I love the backs of the 90's cards that cared little about the stats, and more about how they could cram three pictures of the same guy in a tiny rectangle.  Props to whatever company this is for including a picture of a pitcher at the plate.

Thanks again, John, for adding a little diversity to my collection!  Have a great Friday!

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  1. I like it and it's cool to read of another card blogger, especially of the San Diego varietal (naturally), branching out a bit. I happen to have my very first hockey card (first ever posted) queued up for later this afternoon in celebration of Game 7 between the Ducks and the other LA team...

    That '75 Leo Foster is a beaut.