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Friday, May 23, 2014

30 Years Later...

My wife and I were both born in 1984, the same year that the Padres went to their first World Series.  A lot has happened in those last 30 years.  I could come up with a list of pop culture happenings or major world events, but I'll stick to the normal theme of this blog and say that in the last 30 years, I've graduated, gotten married, had kids, and the Padres have only won the pennant one other time and gone through at least a half a dozen uniform changes.

For the 30 year anniversary of that first NL Pennant, the Padres have brought back the 1984 uniforms for a weekend - the same one they happen to be playing against the Cubs, the team they had to beat to get to the World Series.

For the first game of the four game set, they went with the white uniforms, modeled here by Dave Dravecky.  For the second and third games, they will be rocking the brown tops, as featured here by Mr. Padre, Tony Gwynn.  For what it's worth, most of the players in the '84 Topps set are wearing the brown jerseys.  On the last day of the series, they'll be wearing the (now) traditional military camo jerseys, since it's Sunday.

I love the '84 Topps set, since it's from the year I was born.  As a kid, it just seemed so old to me.  Cardboard from before I was born?  Unreal!  To this day, that Gwynn card is probably my favorite from his Topps flagship run.  This was one of my first sets that I completed when I first started this blog.

Unfortunately, 2014 isn't going quite as smoothly for the Padres and Cubs, as they both are in the bottom 4 of the National League in winning percentage.  The Padres dropped game 1 by a 5-1 score, their lone run coming on a Seth Smith home run in the 1st inning.

The Topps set isn't the only team set I have from 1984.  I also have the Mother's Cookies set, given away at the stadium.  Here is Goose Gossage, the closer for that '84 team.  I didn't say it earlier, but I've mentioned it before: I love the brown and gold in the Padres uniforms.  The current blue is so boring and bland.

Here's hoping that the Padres can even the series tomorrow against the Cubbies.  Or at the very least, that they incorporate some brown somewhere into their next half dozen uniform changes.

Until then, go Padres!


  1. Love the brown, gold, and orange uniforms of the 80's. The 1984 World Series and some guy wearing #19 pretty much set the wheels in motion for me becoming a Padres fan. My PE teacher let us watch one of the games and almost everyone was pulling for the Tigers... so of course I started rooting for the Padres. Thirty years later I'm still waiting for a championship ;-) Go Padres!

  2. Wow. I feel old. Graduated college in '84