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Saturday, May 24, 2014

1984, cont.

So, for whatever reason, the camera on my iPhone (which I've been using to take photos for the blog ever since I got it) is crappin' out on me.  Fortunately, we just bought a printer off Craigslist, which (unbeknownst to us) also doubles as a scanner.  I guess I'm one of those "fancy" bloggers now!

Anyways, this week was a long one for me, which included a bad alternator which stranded my wife at the mall and a classroom full of first graders who are ready for summer, among other things.  That, coupled with the Padres recent struggles against such juggernauts as the Twins and Cubs left me in a less than great mood.

However, with a 11-1 drubbing of the Cubbies last night, which was preceeded by a fun night at church with some families playing volleyball, my mood was greatly lifted.  If you were fortunate enough to watch the game, you would've noticed the stellar looking '84 throwback uniforms that the Padres were rocking.

They were brown.  They were glorious.  And apparently full of offense.

Yonder Alonso hit his second home run in eight days, after going almost a full calendar year without one.  He's now within a few hits of leaping past the Mendoza line as well.

Well, after showing a few cards from the '84 Topps and '84 Mother's Cookies sets yesterday, here are cards from 1984 that I don't have complete sets of.

Here are the only four '84 O-Pee-Chee cards I have.  Basically the same as the '84 Topps set, but the backs are in French.  Man, just look at that pink.  Who said brown and pink and orange don't go together?

Well, I guess my wife would.  We had a longer-than-I-thought-it-would've-lasted conversation about the pros and cons of the use of brown in Padres uniforms.  I'm a member of the "Bring Back The Brown" movement, while she's strongly against it.

Here's hoping our marriage survives.

 The rest of the cards from '84 are either from the Fleer (9 cards total) or Donruss (7) sets.  I've divided them here by the uniforms that the players are wearing on the cards.  On the left, we have a quartet of Padres rocking the white home jerseys.  Even if you're not a fan of the brown, I think these still have a look that could translate well to a 2015 design.  On the right, we have a group of brown quadruplets.  Garry Templeton doubling up on the brown in the Fleer and Donruss sets.  Nice.

The last eight are all shown in the yellow warmup/batting practice jerseys.  A little anti-climactic, since these are ones that you aren't likely to see in any sort of "throwback" game.  Still like them, and an important reminder that yellow needs to go along with the brown, though not necessarily like these.  I like 'em, don't get me wrong, but not as much as the game uniforms.

Well, there you have it.  The Padres don't have the tradition of the Yankees or Cardinals, but we've got a large wardrobe of old uniforms that we can bring back a few times a year to get us excited about something different.

Here's hoping the Padres can keep it rolling with the brownout tonight.  If you're going to the game, you might run into my father in law, Dave, who will be in attendance.  I know this, because he called me and told me that he'd be grabbing a replica jersey for me.  Here's a picture of the backs of them.  I imagine the Gwynn jerseys will be a hot ticket item, but Steve Garvey, Graig Nettles, Kevin McReynolds, and Ed Whitson will also be ones that they're passing out.

Personally, I think they dropped the ball a little bit by not having them for Garry Templeton or Goose Gossage.  Nettles and McReynolds had slightly better years than Tempy in '84, but he also played for the team for a decade and is more of a "Padres name" than Nettles or McReynolds.  And Goose is… well, Goose Freaking Gossage.

Either way, I'll be happy to get some brown in my wardrobe.  Most of my Padres gear is stuff I get when scouring thrift stores whenever I visit San Diego, and most of the recent giveaways have been blue.  And having a jersey of Kevin McReynolds could be kind of cool in a obscure, die hard Padre fan kind of way.  Dude got some MVP votes in '84.


  1. I agree with you about thinking Padres automatically when I hear the name Gary Templeton.
    Nice card of Terry Kennedy. I remember him as being pretty good.

  2. '84? I don't want to hear about it.

  3. I hope my future wife will have long conversations about the pros and cons of the use of brown in Padres uniforms. As for those first graders... normally I wouldn't want to get anywhere near them, but right about now I'd gladly trade you my eighth graders. Almost half of them checked out after spring break (that was weeks ago) and I still have one more major unit to teach ;-) I wish they change the school year... and have us start earlier and end it immediately after standardized testing.

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